1. dealdealerunltd1

    WTB Need Savage 21 Fuel Tank... Paypal Ready..

    Prefer decent shape aluminum tank but if cheap enough stock will work... Let me know... Paypal ready.. Thanks
  2. Hoagie

    Savage Identity Crisis

    I just bought this savage off of facebook but I am not sure of what model it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. EJMOPAR70

    Savage 5.9 gone?

    Hello all. Is the Savage 5.9 gone for good. I love that nitro truck. I know of the buy out but why an electric XL an no nitro in sight? Thanks
  4. I

    A720 big bores

    First time out with the A720 big bores. Any one else had this happen? I wouldn't mind but it was only a wheelie not grabbing big air.
  5. T

    brake cam

    Hay people how do u change a brake cam on a savage x
  6. S

    Please help

    I have a dynamite mach 26 with the threaded shaft it came with my savage and it looks to be brand new so I was wanting to try it but how do I set my clutch and so forth up on it and what do I need I can't find a pilot nut that will thread on because of the shaft being to big please help?
  7. jay2006

    front diff binding/clicking while pushing savage back and forth

    was wondering if anyone can please give some advise..i have a brand new savage x with LRP zr32 engine ran 5 tanks through it so far.everything runs and works awesome. I'm not experiencing any issues what so ever while running it.but once in a while when i free roll the truck (push it back and...
  8. Teddibruskii

    Custom aluminum Savage X steering problem!!!

    Hey guys, I have a Savage X 4.6 with a bunch of aluminum parts. Integy lower arms, upper suspension parts, shock towers, steering turnbuckles, and big bore integy reservoir shocks with full length chrome springs. The issue I seem to be having is the steering rods that hook up to the front...
  9. Markjarvis3

    Glow plugs lasting 2 minutes then stop working

    Got a savage 25 and last 2 times I've tried to use it, the car runs alright for a couple of minutes then either cuts out or if I stop it running it won't start again, been through 2 brand new plugs, was thinking it's more than likely something on the tuning side maybe rather than faulty plugs...
  10. Markjarvis3

    Wheel nuts

    I'm after some wheel nuts for my savage 25, obviously one side of the truck is opposite thread so ordering a set of say eBay which I did before but they were all just one thread (normal thread as I call it!) can anyone help me with this or part numbers, or do you have not o order each side...
  11. WoodiE

    MotorSaver HPI Savage Air Filter

    If you want the best air filter you can get for your nitro engine, then Motor Saver is going to be at the top of that list and thanks to Motor Saver we're giving away a FREE HPI Savage air filter from Motor Saver! The winner will receive a SAV100 Motor Saver Air Filter! Rules Create a new...
  12. Markjarvis3

    25% fuel?

    I'm out of fuel and lhs has only got 10, 15 or 25% I usually use 20% but as not available without ordering online could I run it on the 25% and what (if any) differences there would be, on my savage 25 stock just with a pipe on it
  13. Markjarvis3

    Savage 25 Diff problem (guessing)

    Brought a truck just for parts really but then thought I'd try and get it running, all moved fine across floor before hand, started it up today and wheels simply would not turn under acceleration, breaks are not on either, so stopped the engine then realised that the rear wheels cannot be turnt...
  14. Markjarvis3

    Savage 25 carb movement

    Brought a 25 off Fleabay with the intention of just using it for a donor car for the other 25 I've got, but thought I might get it up together and get it running. Realised that the carb can be moved by hand left to right although still feels tight as if it will not come out, I've tried taking...
  15. R

    New member introduction

    hey guys, name is Ricardo Just got a Savage x 4.6. Had a tmaxx years ago and decided to get back into the hobby. I got the Savage used but previous owner only ran a couple tanks in it and then just stored it. It's super clean. Used it for about 2 days continuously and I think the OWB went out...
  16. Scottbot302

    New one way bearing problems on the Savage x4.6

    So I tried to start my truck today and I couldn't... spent abut 5 minutes trying and it was slipping 95% of the time. Got a new bearing and was going to clean out the starter box/back plate. That was until I noticed that the new bearing wasn't the same size as the original one and didn't fit as...
  17. Fu11pow3r

    Battery holder problems

    I converted my savage 25 to a full electric setup about a year ago and have been going through all the weaker parts and upgrading them as they break due to the upgrade in power. The next thing to fail is the battery holders, which I want to upgrade as the cold, wet weather comes in (they aren't...
  18. I

    Half Tank Lean | Tank mod question.

    Hello, I'm aware of the half tank lean that plagues savages and the best solution would be a mid-tank mod. But the issue lies with many of the parts required for mid tank mod are not available anymore except the chassis and stuff and setting it up right now is a tad bit expensive. The Ofna...
  19. I

    Carbon parts.

    Hey, I'm aware PRC has been out of business for long. But I was wondering if I were to try and get me some USED carbon parts for my Savage, where would the best place be? Does anyone here know anyone who may want to sell their old carbon fiber set-up? Well, I'm not sure how popular carbon...
  20. SavageLyfe

    BP differential need new alum gearbox? or stock good?

    Basically as the title states I'm looking to upgrade my diffs since i just got a lrp 32 and i have stock diffs. They are starting to mess up. I already have upgraded arms, driveshafts and so on just stock diff case and gears. Do i need to get a new case/box for new gears or can i use the plastic...