1. W

    SAVAGE 25, X - Fuel Tank Half Lean Fix

    Afternoon All, After 6 years in the shed i recently pulled my Savage 25 and dropped a new LRP 28 in, after break in i noticed how pronounced the half tank lean issue was with the stock tank and decided to rectify that with a new tank. (I looked into Mid-Tank, Header tanks etc but all that was...
  2. M

    noisy diffs 2017 XL

    I recently got a savage xl flux new, it came with the sinterd crown and pinions , so i orderd the rc4me ring and pinion machined and they seem very noisy. theres no resistance or slipping of the gears everything turns smoothly, just really loud compared to what i know a diff should sound like...
  3. S

    Petrol tank pipe needed (black color) savage xl octane

    Pls guys suggest where i can find black color fuel tank pipe for savage xl octane. Mine is cracked at multiple places. thanks
  4. S

    HPI Savage XL octane compression issue

    Hi there , So into my 3rd tank of savage xl octane, my savage stopped while in action and I tried to start it again and my pull starter got stuck. so I opened my pull starter and put it back but this time it was way smoother, so i changed it with new one but same issue. so I opened head of...
  5. Markjarvis3

    Nitro fuel UK

    Right then people, my local hobby store only sells “model technics” fuel and that duraglow blend I think it is. As it’s all that they do that’s what I had been using for a couple of years in my 2 sav’s and seems to run fine no issues. Just got a new buggy and thought I would maybe look into the...
  6. Markjarvis3

    Axial 32 engine, pull start or rota start needed

    Trying to source either a rota start or new pull start for a axial 32 engine. Flicking through other forums somebody said that a 4.6 pull start should fit right on, but it doesn’t as I had a rota start for one and it doesn’t push up tight into the engine. Just wondered if anybody could shed...
  7. Jaydan1219

    Savage 25 diff. Help please!!

    Hey people new problem,(hpi savage 25) after breaking my pinion gear that connects drive shaft to diff I changed it and now they are not connecting good.. I used a genuine part from another savage 25. The mesh is too far and the gears slip. So the rear wheels won't turn on the ground...
  8. Markjarvis3

    Parts... or should I said lack of them in UK!?!

    i Know hpi are a bit up and down and not actually sure what they are doing at the moment but does anybody know if they are still even making parts as over just the space of a year some parts have become near on impossible to find in the UK and having to order from abroad becomes expensive. Is it...
  9. Markjarvis3

    Just for fun. Everyone’s best mod/mods

    Thought I start a thread just for a bit of fun and for a incite into other enthusiasts sav’s. What’s you best mod/mods or hack No matter how big, small, cheap, expensive or even free if you’ve been lucky enough to find anything laying around
  10. Markjarvis3

    7.6 engine in truckzilla....

    Friend of mine is looking at buying a truck off fleabay listed as a truckzilla with a 7.6 engine in it. I was trying to research the engine and found that it is possibly a CEN as couldn’t find anything else that size. Does anybody have any reviews on one of these engines and also are any parts...
  11. Markjarvis3

    Savage 25 4.1 crankcase

    Looking to see if anyone had a old crankcase for a 25 4.1 engine as managed to crack mine. I know you can still buy new but was seeing what was about first as if going to spend 50/60 quid on a new one I may aswell put a bit more and get a complete engine. I’m in the UK so preferably someone who...
  12. S

    Will this clutch fit my savage XL?

    I have just got a LRP .30 engine to drop into my savage XL. I am looking at clutch and fly wheels to go with it. Does any one know if this clutch set will fit the LRP and have space inside the savage to meet with the spur properly? REDS QUATTRO 32mm V2 1/8 4-Shoe ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH SET (see...
  13. tonynash74

    HPI / Hotbodies XL shod Twinzilla

    So this started out life as a Savage 25 SS kit, after a few years and several broken parts later it sat on the shelf whilst I concentrated on X / XL upgrades for my other 25 SS. Wind forward a few years and after the TwinZilla received some much needed TLC it got upgraded with XL front and rear...
  14. J

    Can a robinson racing 47t spur gear for a hpi savage 25 be us ed on hpi savage x 4.6 model?

    I have a savage x 4.6 truck and was gonna upgrade to a metal hardened spur but ordered one for a savage 25 instead. Can i still use this gear coming with no big issues?
  15. PatrickRay

    Need all sorts of help

    Hello friends, I am brand new to the hobby. I bought a Savage x off eBay that had been sitting for awhile. Seller said he got it to run and everything but maybe the clutch was going bad. This post is going to follow me through my disassemble (which I have already started) cleaning...
  16. MaximusAcordius

    The Dynamite Mach 2 .28 Big Red on Savage X

    How's everyone doin? My F4.6 engine gave out and HPI agreed to send a replacement part to my LHS. However, the replacement piston and sleeve are on back order just like a majority of all HPI parts. Does anyone know what the deal is with HPI? Anyways, I couldn't wait any longer so the customer...
  17. carldav

    Savage+Hellfire+Tekno+Mugen Mod

    Just wanted to share my modified Savage. I used various parts from different brands: 1. Lower Arms from Tekno MT48.3 2. Shock Towers From HPI Hellfire 3. Damper Set (all rear) from Mugen MBX7T 4. Battery Box and Mud Guards from TLR 5. ALZA CD and Carbon Fiber Chassis 7. Skid Plate and Rollcage...
  18. D

    Spur gear stripped

    Good a Afternoon everyone. As the title says my clutch bell got distroyed today. I have a savage x ss. I stripped 2 spurs before the clutch bell stripped. I checked all screws, they were tight. I pulled the engine to make sure the engine plate wasn’t broke or bent. Engine plate looked...
  19. Jfish930

    Help! Can’t get truck started!

    Hello all, After having an excellent break in day yesterday, today I can’t get the truck started. Both roto charge and glow at plug charger were charged overnight. I just set the hi speed needle back to factory setting. Check for flooding several times. I am now going to change the glow plug...
  20. M

    Savage Flux Xl batteries

    what would be the best batteries to get for a HPI Savage Flux XL?