1. S

    Help with new servo for flux xl

    I just bought a new Savox Servo which is high voltage 7.4 says. It's the SB 2290 SG. I know it's probably Overkill but I wanted to get a real good one that's being my first replacement. I've never programmed one of these. So my first question is do I need to program it? Zecondly how do I program...
  2. Stunnerable

    Servo saver linkage lost!!

    So I’m new. My apologies if this is a dumb/easy to answer question but; I bought abs installed a new integy servo saver a while ago and I guess I should have used a bit more locktight as the bolt holding the steering linkage to the SS fell out. Me, my wife, and 4 boys looked for almost as hour...
  3. K

    Buying Futaba servos for my savage xl

    Hi. I am new to this forum. I am glad to be a member. I have a simple question. I bought a Futaba 4PLS T-FHSS 2.4ghz radio transmitter to use with all my rc cars and trucks. If I want to use this transmitter to control my savage xl, do I need to buy both a Futaba servo for the throttle...
  4. Dem

    Servo issue

    Drove slowly over a 2inch curb and suddenly lost throttle and break control.. Was lookin at it today and it seems to work when it wants to. Which isnt long then just stops. When it works i can keep makin it move but say once i let go it stops working for abit then randomly works again. Put...
  5. Tgum

    Looking for new throttle servo

    What do you guys think is the best throttle servo that isn't to pricey
  6. J

    Stock X servo question

    Just got my second savage, and this one was in a front end crash. I believe the crash pushed the servo horn toward the back of the truck and now I can't hook up the steering line. Is there a way to put adjust where the horn lines up with power to the servo? Also, do these stock servos usually...
  7. Derekpike

    Spektrum s6230

    So I'm going to end up buying a new servo for the XL because it has a Traxxas 2055 that came with it. I know most people on here run and recommend Savox. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Spektrum s6230? It's only $70 and has 311oz of torque on 6v. There were only 2 Amazon...
  8. W

    Throttle servo not working

    So I tried to start my savage xl today and it would not start checked the carb and there is barley a gap. I tried adjusting it and pushing the throttle sure enough nothing I don't know what to do or what is wrong can some one help?
  9. S

    What's the difference in sf10 and sf20 servos?

    What's the difference in sf 10 and sf20? When I looking up 20s on ebay 10s are listed also.
  10. drew82302

    I really need help with this!

    I have a problem with my savage xl! I replaced my throttle servo because I thought that was the problem but it wasn't. When I apply the brakes on the transmitter the servo doesn't pull the linkage to stop the truck. I was wondering if there could be a problem with the receiver? Someone please...
  11. S

    smoked servo

    I hooked up battery wrong today and steering servo went up in smoke. Nothing else looked bad but I switched battery and throttle didn't work either. So my guess is I need a new little receiver box and steering servo. If I order same receiver box will remote automatically work? Also factory servo...
  12. Guya

    streeing servo and battery pack recommendation ?

    hi the servo is dead, it is under warranty and will be changed .. but if it died after two weeks .. it will die again soon. what is the torque needed for the savage octane XL ? also, i want to upgrade the batteris to LiPo 2 cells .. is it a good idea ? i think the CDI system can handle...
  13. andthereyouare

    Noob questions about Receiver/Servos...

    Hi All, I'm kinda new to the "serious" RC world but learning fast, building a Savage X SS and can't get the HPI TF-45 radio to talk to the RF-45 receiver. So now I'm looking to get a Futuba or Saxon receiver. Will these receivers talk to my HPI TF-45 radio or do I need to get a Futuba radio too...
  14. oregonmud

    SF-1 servo specs

    Anybody know what they are. Mainly the speed. Thanks in advance. I want to replace with a 645 but don't want it to be too much slower. Hitec HS 645MG SPECS: Speed: 0.24 sec/60° at 4.8V 0.20 sec/60° at 6.0V Torque: 106.93 oz-in at 4.8V (7.7 kg-cm) 133.31 oz-in at 6.0V (9.6 kg-cm) Length...