1. T

    spur gear and slipper clutch alignment

    Hi! I have recently bought a Savage roller that has partly been converted to electric (motor and ESC missing). When I received it, I noticed that the spur gear axis were not straight, so I replaced it. But still the spur gear will not align properly. When I start tightening the nut, it seem to...
  2. B_Addie

    Spur gear/clutch bell question

    I’m running a HPI 16 tooth hardened clutch bell with a 49T plastic spur on my X4.6. No matter what I do I cannot get the gears to mesh flush with each other. The truck runs great and can do a standing back flip once it’s warmed up! I never really noticed this before and yesterday I did a...
  3. S

    DIY wheelie bar (FREE*)

    Here is a wheelie bar I made from 3 old spur gears and the stock plastic roll bar. 1) Simply remove the middle of the stock roll bar by unscrewing the joining screw and sliding the outer piece away from the inner shaft 2) Drill the center hole of the 3 worn out spur gears slightly bigger so...
  4. TDA

    Savage XL Clutch and Steel Spurs

    Hello Everyone, I had a short question about the combo toot clutch and Steel Spurs. Once a "mech" of R/C had changed mine to: 16/52 It's any good or it's better to change it? Thank you in advice for any suggestions :) Cheers TDA
  5. M4tty69

    Melting spurs and stripping clutch bells

    hi all, Sorry if this has already been covered in another thread but I had a little search and couldn’t find an answer.. I have two problems here. Firstly I shall say that my savage x 4.6 is only used for bashing and it takes quite a beating so I expect to break things but this is getting a...
  6. D

    Spur gear stripped

    Good a Afternoon everyone. As the title says my clutch bell got distroyed today. I have a savage x ss. I stripped 2 spurs before the clutch bell stripped. I checked all screws, they were tight. I pulled the engine to make sure the engine plate wasn’t broke or bent. Engine plate looked...
  7. A

    Savage x spur question

    I am replacing my spur and looking at the Manuel and it’s confusing first my new plastic spur looks like it needs a bushing or bearing the old one is very stuck in the old spur but the manual doesn’t show it then I watched an hpi video and it shows a black plastic washer and I don’t see that in...

    took bold off that hold spur gear into place but doesn't want to come off?!

    hello guys at the moment I'm taking off the spur gear to replace it. I've taken the bolt off that holds the spur into place but the spur gear doesn't want to come off still. Should I just yank it off with force or did I do something wrong? Thank you

    Stripped spur gear on my Savage X. What should I upgrade to?

    just recently slipped my spur gear. (Possibly loose engine mounts or mesh wasn't good) Anyways I'd like to know what's the ideal teeth for a spur gear just to get regular performance. Any spur gears in particular I should look into? I definitely want a metal one. Should I upgrade the clutch...
  10. sticky 2gs

    quick ? savage 25

    When your replacing your spur gear should u tighten all the way or tighten than untight half turn which is more better
  11. Nihal

    Striped Spur Gear

    Did my 3rd tank today. Keep stalling about and have to restart about 7 times. I thought there was an issue with the needle setting and richen HSN out but the problem still stays. Then I richen all 3 needles ( HSN, LSN & idle ) and somehow did solve the issue. I did put 3 loops in my fuel line as...
  12. Juarezd

    Stripped slipper clutch

    Hey hope ya guys can give me a hand. Today I started to break in my savage. I let it idle through 2 tanks of fuel like it said. When I got to the driving around I gave it some gas it moved foward a little bit then stopped. The motor revved up but the truck wouldn't move.took a look at the truck...
  13. N

    Spur Gear + Clutch Bell... Nitro Mess...

    Hi Everyone, Just want to say that i checked out the forums, and i found out some information that i guess is interesting... but out of this, i want to know from your experience, what's the best ratio for each scenario... 1st of all, my Savage is brand new, and so far, i busted 2 spur...

    What did you do to your HPI Savage today?

    We have this as a sticky on my S-10 forum...Jus thought it would be cool to have a thread here and see where it goes since we are constantly makin mods,bashing and racing daily. Today I: Installed Venom fail-safe Batt level indicator New shock oil Fuel filter RPM wheels
  15. MotoPsycho

    Gear Chart

    I'm sure this has been done already, but I thought it could use an easily searchable title for anyone interested. Gear ratios explained HIGHER GEAR ratio "number" (ex. 4.08:1) = Lower Gearing - EX. 13t cb/53t spur = 4.08:1 ratio-LOW GEARING! (High gear ratio number = great bottom end, lower...