Melting spurs and stripping clutch bells


hi all,

Sorry if this has already been covered in another thread but I had a little search and couldn’t find an answer..

I have two problems here. Firstly I shall say that my savage x 4.6 is only used for bashing and it takes quite a beating so I expect to break things but this is getting a bit silly now.

When running stock HPI plastic spur gear and heavy duty clutch bell after a while I end up with a spur gear like this! All shredded and almost looks melted?!

I then switched to a hpi steel spur gear with the same heavy duty clutch bell and it just strips the clutch bells! At £15 a pop I don’t really want to be using a clutch Bell every time I go out, sometimes it’s only lasting 30mins before it’s stripped again!

I don’t think it’s down to the mesh being wrong as I always spend the time to get that perfect mesh.

I have thought maybe the engine is moving when landing hard and rolling ect but the spur and clutch bell seem to strip sometimes when I haven’t even jumped it yet?!

Over to you guys!
Am I using the correct gears? Is there anything that better? Is there a way to stabilise the engine for bashing?

Thanks in advance!



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The plastic one looks like your mesh was way too loose. What brand "heavy duty" clutch bell were you using with the steel spur?

I use HPI's HD bells with the HPI steel spur and it holds up fine for a very long time. I used to only buy OFNA hardened bells, they would last forever, but you can't find them much anymore.
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+1 that plastic spur was set way too loose. All you need is just the slightest amount of play between the clutch and spur. All I run is stock plastic spurs and bells with no problems.