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Good a Afternoon everyone. As the title says my clutch bell got distroyed today. I have a savage x ss. I stripped 2 spurs before the clutch bell stripped. I checked all screws, they were tight. I pulled the engine to make sure the engine plate wasn’t broke or bent. Engine plate looked good. The transmission is working as it should. The differentials are working as they should. I tore the truck all the way down hoping something would appear. All screws were tight and nothing I seen looked bad. I tore the engine down thinking the clutch bell bearings were bad. The motor looks good and operates as it should. I am stumped. Any help would be appreaciated. Thanks for your help.

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It does happen with the plastic spurs, they can only take so much abuse before the decide to die, best thing you can do is to upgrade to Robinson spur and bell of your choice and that will halt that problem for good.....
Just make sure to buy the hard bell and spur as a pair because a regular bell will not last long against the hard spur.... they sell them as a combo or you can choose what gearing you want and order them that way...

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