1. redracefpv

    trx 3.3 on savage x?

    anyone know if a trx 3.3 will fit a hpi savage x? i know the motor mount wont but is there any other reasons?
  2. BIGMat

    Best brakes for the HPI Savage?

    What are the best, most efficient brake disks for the mighty savage? Fibre? titanium? steel? carbon fibre? Help me out guys! ?
  3. S

    HPI Savage XL octane compression issue

    Hi there , So into my 3rd tank of savage xl octane, my savage stopped while in action and I tried to start it again and my pull starter got stuck. so I opened my pull starter and put it back but this time it was way smoother, so i changed it with new one but same issue. so I opened head of...
  4. Markjarvis3

    Axial 32 engine, pull start or rota start needed

    Trying to source either a rota start or new pull start for a axial 32 engine. Flicking through other forums somebody said that a 4.6 pull start should fit right on, but it doesn’t as I had a rota start for one and it doesn’t push up tight into the engine. Just wondered if anybody could shed...
  5. Markjarvis3

    Savage 25 4.1 crankcase

    Looking to see if anyone had a old crankcase for a 25 4.1 engine as managed to crack mine. I know you can still buy new but was seeing what was about first as if going to spend 50/60 quid on a new one I may aswell put a bit more and get a complete engine. I’m in the UK so preferably someone who...
  6. T

    Track star 28 swapped

    Bought a old tired savage, tore it down , cleaned it and motor swapped to a track star 28, this engine was 80$ shipped new. I love it . It’s snapped 2 axle shafts so far. Here is what i did to make it fit the 21 I had to clearance the motor mount, shave a bit off the header and roto start, 3...
  7. S

    Hpi racing being revitalised by Danish company!

    Just been in HPIs website. Absolutely buzzing to see that they have signed a new deal with a danish company who are restarting the company and will be making new parts and new cars very soon! Amazing news, maybe I don’t need to sell my savage after all :)
  8. Biddie_fiddler

    My Savage flux conversion

    I am finally happy with how my savage has turned out. Its taken many months, more money than I'd like to admit... And the classic, blood, sweat and tears! It started its days as a savage xl 5.9 with an LRP 32 spec.4 as its lungs. It was a great setup and I enjoyed it for a while. I found a...
  9. Atarioldskool

    Looking for other options on HPI aluminium big bore shock set for my savage XL

    Hi all I like the HPI big bore shock sets but have been put off from the price £95 plus, in the UK ? To be honest I cannot justify myself spending this kind of money for some shocks, in essence for a toy! You guys are the experts, I am a total newbie - what alternate brands of shock sets would...
  10. M4tty69

    Melting spurs and stripping clutch bells

    hi all, Sorry if this has already been covered in another thread but I had a little search and couldn’t find an answer.. I have two problems here. Firstly I shall say that my savage x 4.6 is only used for bashing and it takes quite a beating so I expect to break things but this is getting a...
  11. M

    Savage Flux Xl batteries

    what would be the best batteries to get for a HPI Savage Flux XL?
  12. CosaXSavage4.6

    Will i be fine running traxxas top fuel in my savage X 4.6?

    Can i run top fuel in my savage?
  13. Savage Modder

    Etching parts for savage

    I learned how to etch aluminum so I decided to start making parts for my savage. This is the first etch I've done I have to get more aluminum so I can try making bumpers.
  14. T

    Roto start clutch setting (1 isn't enough!)

    I have an HPI Nitro Monster King that I bought back in 2010. Hasn't run in a while. After draining the old fuel, cleaning up the fuel lines & carb, cleaning air filter, I just couldn't get this thing to start. New glow plug, check the ignitor voltage, even reset the carb settings. I primed...
  15. Juarezd

    Savage x to xl

    hey guys I’ve been thinking of converting my savage x to xl. I’m planning on going with flm xl tvps FLM45600. Also want to use the flm engine mount FLM45700. Will that mount work with the xl. I’ve looked at flm website and it says savage but I’m not sure if they man any savage. Also besides the...
  16. Juarezd

    Can’t decide on what 1/5 scale

    Ok guys haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been back in the hobby for a while again. I currently have a HPI Savage x and a traxxas e-Maxx Brushless. I’ve been really thinking about getting a 1/5 2stroke rc. I really like the hpi Baja 5b Tsk-b kraken but don’t like the fact it’s 2 wheel drive...
  17. Scottbot302

    Trying to keep my engine cool

    Hey all. Savage has been running good ever since i did the tank mod, threw in a Fresh Cold O.S plug. Finally been able to get a decent tune, running a little rich right now actually. But I've run into some problems involving heat of the engine. She likes to get hot really quick, id say around...
  18. Scottbot302

    Getting rid of the half tank lean issue

    Hey all! Man its been a hot minute since I've even been on this forum... haha my bad I guess. So lets get down to business. I finally got rid of that old 160cc stock tank the savages came with. I was sick of it leaning out on me and I really didn't want it damaging my engine. So I finally bought...
  19. R

    HPI E-Savage truck 309 GT speed controller

    Hi can anyone help me, can I use LiPo battery's with this speed controller?
  20. B

    New Savage x 4.6 slipping & shifting problems?

    Hey guys, I just purchased a savage x 4.6. I broke it in and the first tank after break in I was driving it on grass and I noticed it was slipping & revving really high with no power. I could smell burning plastic. So I stopped & took the spur gear off and it was pretty worn out. It seems like...