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  1. S

    Will this clutch fit my savage XL?

    I have just got a LRP .30 engine to drop into my savage XL. I am looking at clutch and fly wheels to go with it. Does any one know if this clutch set will fit the LRP and have space inside the savage to meet with the spur properly? REDS QUATTRO 32mm V2 1/8 4-Shoe ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH SET (see...
  2. TDA

    Savage XL - Slipper Clutch Pad (also DIY)

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone know how to make Slipper clutch pad for the Savage XL (it's made like from sandpaper?). I can't find them anywhere here. Or it's an upgrade of those one available? Thanks in advice.
  3. TDA

    Savage XL Clutch and Steel Spurs

    Hello Everyone, I had a short question about the combo toot clutch and Steel Spurs. Once a "mech" of R/C had changed mine to: 16/52 It's any good or it's better to change it? Thank you in advice for any suggestions :) Cheers TDA
  4. F

    clutch issues

    this is my first post, and I'm happy to say thanks letting me in! So I purchased a Savage Octane from a buddy that never did anything with it, i bought it and got it running, I'm having issues find the clutch shoes and clutch bell anyone have any insight or maybe has one i can buy?
  5. T

    Roto start clutch setting (1 isn't enough!)

    I have an HPI Nitro Monster King that I bought back in 2010. Hasn't run in a while. After draining the old fuel, cleaning up the fuel lines & carb, cleaning air filter, I just couldn't get this thing to start. New glow plug, check the ignitor voltage, even reset the carb settings. I primed...
  6. Virgilbigfish

    Replacing clutch

    broke off the screw that holds clutch bell on the main shaft ,now i have to replace shaft? Is it hard? I was trying to get the flywheel off and using the little screw for backup thought the flywheel had left handed threads, how do i get the flywheel off? The nearest hobby shop is over 100 miles...
  7. B

    Slipper clutch idea/ question?

    Okay I have a Savage Xs and like many other have had many problems with my slipper clutch and can find none anywhere. Try to upgrade to a Robinson Racing can't seem to find one for the XS exactly. Was wondering if any of you guys would know if the one for the revo 16th or for the HPI Blitz by...
  8. B

    Slipper sorrow

    The slipper clutch on my savage xl is being a pain. I've tried loctite, replaced the pad, tightened the nut down. it just keeps slipping. There's got to be a better setup. Any sort of upgrades or advice? Please it would be appreciated.
  9. Scottbot302

    In need of a Collet for the x4.6

    Hey guys, so as some of you may have seen on my other post, I need a collet to complete my savage clutch rebuild. The last one was incredibly worn and had a crack at the base of it. So I decided to throw it out. When I got my flywheel, it came with a collet so I thought it would be great since I...
  10. W

    Slipper clutch

    Hi all, I have had my XS for about a month now and so far it has been pretty trouble free. However, lately I am having a lot of trouble with the slipper clutch. I have run it with a 1/4 turn backed off, fully "tightened," and even have tried loctite. Once I tear it apart and put it back...
  11. Rmadrid7

    Trophy 4.6 clutch

    I have a trophy 4.6 and I will change the clutch from 2 shoes to 3 shoes. I saw on eBay several clutch sistems , witch one is the correct for my trugy??. Please I am still learning. Thanks a lot.
  12. Trouble 69carm

    This Clutch Looks Promising

    Looks Killer Hope It fits:guitarplay::ercm::eyes::usa:
  13. Juarezd

    Stripped slipper clutch

    Hey hope ya guys can give me a hand. Today I started to break in my savage. I let it idle through 2 tanks of fuel like it said. When I got to the driving around I gave it some gas it moved foward a little bit then stopped. The motor revved up but the truck wouldn't move.took a look at the truck...
  14. Savagex2315

    Savage clutch issues

    Ok so I replaced my clutch shoes for my Savagex and I went plastic worked good first couple passes then went to poop. As I was starting it up it would grab but then you can hold it on the ground and full throttle it and the bell gear just spins and when I run it with out holding onto it all it...
  15. K

    Savage x 4.6 won't move

    my savage x 4.6 won't move jut replaced clutch with aluminum clutch shoes from Hpi also changed clutch will hear to 16t and spur gear to 49t I was using the truck today in the grass and on pavement then all of a sudden it stopped moving but the motor revs up clutch bell and spur are spinning at...