Slipper clutch idea/ question?


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Okay I have a Savage Xs and like many other have had many problems with my slipper clutch and can find none anywhere. Try to upgrade to a Robinson Racing can't seem to find one for the XS exactly. Was wondering if any of you guys would know if the one for the revo 16th or for the HPI Blitz by Robinson Racing clutch assembly would work. kind of new to this, but trying to work around a problem


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I have tried something new today. Have had the same issues as others with clutch pads failing. Probably my fault due to incorrect tension, getting it wet or over lubing the gearbox.
And finding replacements can be difficult.
I tried to think of what could be a suitable replacement and came up with fibre washers.
I bough a pack of fifty from an engineering supplier for $5.
The washers are red and round with out the notches like the original. same external diameter, inner diameter is slightly larger.
The material is stiffer than the original pads.
I used a small triangular file to create the notches and then fitted them in place of the genuine pad.
took less than 5 minutes for each pad.
I haven't had the chance to fully reassemble the car and give it a test run.
If successful, I will post a video showing how I modify the fibre washers and the details of their size.
fingers crossed.

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