savage flux

  1. R

    Savage xl flux setup issues

    Just bought a new savage xl flux and cant get it to set up the ecs. I follow the very vague directions hold the set up button push the power button but the led only flashes green slowly. No red led no tones no nothing no matter how long I hold the set up button. I have brand new batteries...
  2. Rich savage lover

    Does the flux and flux xl share parts?

    I just bought a used savage flux hp and I’m have trouble finding part for it, but I found lots of flux xl part on sites like dollar Hobbyz, I know like the tvp won’t fit but I’m wonder does any other parts fit on the flux hp?
  3. Samthomas450

    Savage flux XL keeps destroying rear diffs

    Hey everyone my savage keeps destroying the rear diff. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. The bearings seem tight I clean everything out but if I land a jump in dirt with any sort of throttle on boom pinion is gone. Is there a better diff then the bullet proof? There getting hard to find...
  4. SavageLukas

    Savage XL FLux: tie rods for Flm extended arm set /super long body post for school bus body

    Hello everyone, My Name is Lukas and I am new into this Hobby. I come from Austria and bought a Savage XL FLux (used with some upgrades),and now I want to upgrade it to the flm extended arm kit, unfortunately the set does not come with the longer tie rods you obviously need to run the Sav. I...
  5. Biddie_fiddler

    My Savage flux conversion

    I am finally happy with how my savage has turned out. Its taken many months, more money than I'd like to admit... And the classic, blood, sweat and tears! It started its days as a savage xl 5.9 with an LRP 32 spec.4 as its lungs. It was a great setup and I enjoyed it for a while. I found a...
  6. jaceracer

    Savage Flux cutting out

    Ok i have had the flux hp for a couple of months and have ran it a hand full of times but i got it back out the other day to show a friend what it can do and it was cutting out real bad and not responding to throttle after about two or three seconds of run time and also acted like it had no...
  7. C

    Savage XL Flux batteries

    I know this has been brought up here before but anyone have a link or model,mah/size to the 2s and 3s batteries you are running that fits in the battery compartment without velcro. I have the hobbywing max6 esc with the hobbystar 4092 1480kv motor so I'm looking for some good long run times. Thanks
  8. S

    Help with new servo for flux xl

    I just bought a new Savox Servo which is high voltage 7.4 says. It's the SB 2290 SG. I know it's probably Overkill but I wanted to get a real good one that's being my first replacement. I've never programmed one of these. So my first question is do I need to program it? Zecondly how do I program...
  9. Biddie_fiddler

    FLM TVP's for flux conversion

    I have found a seller on ebay selling the FLM TVPs and its quite tempting to get as my next "major" upgrade for my flux conversion. Does anyone know if there are pre-made mounting locations for battery boxes? When I did my conversion I had to find a way to mount them myself on the standard XL...
  10. Biddie_fiddler

    Steering linkage adjustment

    Hi All, I've replaced the steering linkages (I think thats what their called) with the aluminium linkages from the rear - I broke the plastic ones after a fail of a jump. I've ordered some aluminium carriers for the rear so I don't have to worry about the adjustments any more. They were pretty...
  11. S

    Where to buy aluminum upgrades for Savage Flux XL?

    Hi all, just a little question,i have a savage flux XL, I do you know where I can get aluminium parts from?
  12. Nadboo

    Savage flux 9t bevel gear

    Does anybody know what diff/bevel gear sets if any would replace the bulletproof diff bevel gear, the 9t gear. I can’t find hpi parts and I’m hoping by some miracle I can use a diff (high hopes) from another manufacturer. I took my flux out to entertain a kid (6yr old) a few weeks ago. After...
  13. olds97_lss

    rc4me center diff Super 5SC transmission in my HPI Savage Flux HP

    Well, I got the rc4me center diff trans. On my bench, I'm not sure how other guys have installed it. A few things differ that I need to deal with before moving forward with it. I got it for the sole purpose of trying to help my diffs last longer. Even running 4S, I still have busted 3 or 4 diffs...
  14. L0r3x

    Will Front/Rear Diff fit the Alza Center Diff Kit?

    Hi guys! Just like the title says, will the front/rear diff of our savage fit into the alza center diff kit? Or I will need to buy the vorza center diff?
  15. C

    Best budget batteries for savage flux hp?

    I'm trying to get back into the RC game and I'm still pretty new to the electric side of RC and I have a flux hp and before I was running the venom batteries and after a few short months of use the batteries are toast and now I'm looking for another set of batteries without breaking the bank...
  16. Codered3232

    Alza battery tray

    I hate to cover up my pretty FLM TVPs, but my batteries are getting beat up stacked on top. The Alza web sight is a little hard to understand. Just wondering if anybody has any experience with the battery boxes. I bought some of their bulkhead plates and they seem very good quality. Just lookin...
  17. Josh

    Savage xl flux v2

    What are spools and why would you use them in place of differential. I just blew my savage xl flux v2 rear differential.
  18. G

    Esc problems

    Hi guys I'm hoping you can help me I'm having problems with savage flux hp it seem to be running backwards in reverse it's at full speed and when you go forwards it's in reverse mode I've tried a few things and just can't seem to get my head around it pls help me out ppl my son is going crazy
  19. Bajadre

    flux updates

    haven't been for a while life tings :( anyway added some things to the flux got myself one of those dusty motor covers for the beach this weekend (hoping I don't have to do a fullstrip after lol) one of those Russian bombproof shells its xl size so ive removed the wheelie bar til I custom one up...
  20. M

    Savage Flux Xl batteries

    what would be the best batteries to get for a HPI Savage Flux XL?