Savage xl flux setup issues


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Just bought a new savage xl flux and cant get it to set up the ecs. I follow the very vague directions hold the set up button push the power button but the led only flashes green slowly. No red led no tones no nothing no matter how long I hold the set up button. I have brand new batteries with a full charge. I have tried to find a video on youtube but all of the videos are over 5 years old lol. Anything anyone might know to help get this thing going would be awesome, I'm starting to get pretty pissed.


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Is the transmitter bound to the receiver? Can you turn the wheels with the transmitter wheel?


Hi, it is my understanding the XL flux ESC is a rebranded Hobbywing QuicRun 150a ESC. This link to the manual.

Keep in mind the ESC from HPI and other like redact kaiju, (torland XL) use the Ready To Run ESC version of the

QUICRUN 08 (WP-8BL150 V2 CTP)​

Keep in mind the RTR Only has 5 settings you can change with a program card as to the non ready to run version which has 12 option.
Make sure that you radio is calibrated 1st, all cables are connected to the motor. Does the motor turn? In my opinion ( I am also new to HPI) if the motor does not turn and you here no beep the ESC is not working.

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