Savage Flux cutting out


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Ok i have had the flux hp for a couple of months and have ran it a hand full of times but i got it back out the other day to show a friend what it can do and it was cutting out real bad and not responding to throttle after about two or three seconds of run time and also acted like it had no power at all almost like drained batteries. I tried re calibrating the esc on my computer just to make sure something didn't get messed up some how. I double checked the batteries both charged just fine i'm getting a receiver warrantied through a-main just to see it that is a possibility but for some reason i'm thinking this might be an esc issue just a hunch though, does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Please feel free to ask me anything to help you understand more thank you guys.
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Have a look that the motor hasn't spun around in the mount,
I bought a savage flux Hp on eBay a while back and the bloke described these symptoms exactly,

When the truck arrived I removed the esc and esc mount and could see that the motor had turned in its mount and the wires were stripped on the rear drive cup,
I removed the motor and put some heat shrink on the bare motor wires,

I also removed the screws that clamped down the motor in the mount and filed a bit off the wee spacers in the mount to allow the mount to better clamp on to the motor

Put the truck together again and ran without issue


I also had that same issue once with my emaxx ,drove me nuts and it turned out to be that the steering servo was shorting out internally. You can always unplug it and try the truck in a straight line just to see if it responds ok with the throttle


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I recently experienced this with my mamba monster 2 And it was just a matter of the actual power switch was buggered up so I just bypassed the power switch