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Parts... or should I said lack of them in UK!?!


i Know hpi are a bit up and down and not actually sure what they are doing at the moment but does anybody know if they are still even making parts as over just the space of a year some parts have become near on impossible to find in the UK and having to order from abroad becomes expensive.
Is it going to carry on like this?
I only wanted a spur gear but that’s becoming a mission in itself!

Wondering if I’m going to have to start stocking up in some sort of apocalypse fashion!
Have you tried Model Sport, they have them on order & when I spoke to them the other day seemed pretty confident they would get them in, have you tried flea bay for a metal version?
They are now showing stock of the Savage 4.6 from 21st Feb! 👍🏻


Yeah I also have contacted model sport to see roughly when they think they will get them in, hopefully soon.
I have checked ebay but mostly coming from abroad apart from metal ones.
I have a metal one in my spares box but prefer to run the plastic ones really, was just a 1 off that stripped this spur as I haven’t stripped one in years.
I hadn’t realised a bolt had come out on the plate bellow the engine mount allowing the engine to bounce a bit 🙈


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Been buying increasingly more stuff off Ali Express now I’m more confident it’s actually going to turn up. Loads of HPI gear on there I’ve had all sorts recently from esc bullet connectors, 10 guage esc wire, pinions & spurs, wheels &tyres...Savage flux motor mounts for nitro to flux conversion. Also took the plunge on more expensive buys like hobby wing 2200kv motor &150a esc combo for £119 and 4 x 2s 5200 50c hard pack lipos for just over £10 each! If you’ve got the luxury of time to wait I don’t think any order has been much over 3weeks delivery yet and everything I’ve had has been spot on!
To be honest it looks like most of the gear sold on eBay etc is just stuff people are reselling that they have bulk bought off Ali express or bang good.
I sound like an advert for china commerce don’t I but honestly I’ve been like a kid in a sweet shop recently browsing all the rc gear on there...Just look for stuff with plenty of previous orders and good ratings and for me it’s gone sound so far 👍


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I don't want to sound rude but if you can't find parts then you aren't searching hard enough 😜

Places like Ebay and Aliexpress are consistently providing parts for Savages. Granted some of them are not HPI branded, but most of the time they are from the same factory that produces parts for HPI.

Like you've said, you might have to purchase from outside of the UK to obtain the parts.

HPI aren't down for the count just yet, and they have stated multiple times on their socail media accounts that they will be producing spare parts, but only for rigs that are not discontinued.

Luckily for savage owners, 99% of parts are interchangeable between the different models, and if they're not, its easy to upgrade to the latest parts.

What spur gear are you looking for? For what truck?