SAVAGE 25, X - Fuel Tank Half Lean Fix


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Afternoon All,

After 6 years in the shed i recently pulled my Savage 25 and dropped a new LRP 28 in, after break in i noticed how pronounced the half tank lean issue was with the stock tank and decided to rectify that with a new tank. (I looked into Mid-Tank, Header tanks etc but all that was way too much aggravation and OTT IMO).

The new tank is a Hyper 7 TQ2 tank, which I grabbed from eBay with the fuel lines and filter, though these are by no means mandatory. The tank is 125ml so not much sacrifice from the stock 150ml.

  • Hyper 7 TQ2 Tank - P/N: 87076
  • Steering Crank / Servo Saver Set - P/N: 85058
    • NOTE: You only need the REAR fuel tank Post from this set, and can probably pick it up from eBay separately.
  • 4mm Threaded Rod (M4)
  • 4mm Nylon Lock Nuts (M4)
  • 4mm Washers

NOTE: The Rear Tank Mount and Throttle Linkage Mount are both plastic, though you can get Aluminium copies of these parts online which will make everything much stiffer (though it is perfectly fine with plastic parts).


  • Cut the part of the rear tank mount that mounts onto the car (Cut line marked as Purple Line below)
    • This piece will act as a large 'washer'/'spacer' that will extend the rear post mount out far enough to line up with the new tank's mounting hole.
  • Stick the spacer onto the new rear tank mount. I personally heated the faces of both parts up with a lighter and 'melted' them together which seems to be holding just fine.
    • You will need to put a small hole into the spacer so the alignment pin from the new/other rear tank mount sits inside it nicely.
  • Mount it on the car with a long screw, long enough to go through BOTH the spacer and new tank mount.
  • Cut the top of the Mount down until its height aligns the tank as per your needs.
  • Melt / Drill a hole straight through the Throttle Mount (Red Circled below)
  • Melt / Drill a hole into the front of the tank to expand the existing hole. It needs to be big enough to fit the 4mm Threaded rod through
  • Use the 4mm Threaded rod to mount it all together.


Rear Tank Mount:
Fuel Tank Post.jpg

Throttle Linkage
Throttle Mount.jpg


PXL_20210325_161255432.jpg PXL_20210325_161324038.jpg PXL_20210325_161336903.jpg PXL_20210325_161352044.jpg PXL_20210325_161433691.jpg PXL_20210325_161447434.jpg PXL_20210325_161534014.jpg PXL_20210325_161555841.jpg


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I'm gonna do a tank mod as well but I'm not a fan of connecting fuel tank to throttle linkage in any way.


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each to their own, this was the cleanest install possible whilst also allowing it be semi-easily removed. If you changed the linkage mount to an Aluminium one i wouldnt be concerned personally


Nice work I am in the process of building higher stock tank brackets seal off pick up tube and in incert new hose connection into tank it can gravity feed to carb

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