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$8 PVC Savage Stand


You would be doing well to be out of line on this forum. I think here that would more likely be a $30 stand. I remember my dad complainig once about the cost of PVC after I nicked all his. Other thing I learnt at the same time was be real careful when using the PVC glue. It sets insanely fast and you will never get it apart.
Actually, the price is pretty close. I built this for $11, and I have around 5 feet of PVC left over. It's a great stand, and a fun and easy project.


Central NJ
I realize this post is old but if any new members are looking for a design for a stand I figured I'd throw mine in there. This can be made to fit any RC model. The base can be made wider but I find it to be very stable. It can be clamped to a table edge also. Cost $0 (if you have a small scrap of plywood handy) Time, about 5 - 8 minutes to make, maybe 15 if you have to cut everything by hand. There are notches that fit the frame and keep it from sliding around. I'm a minimalist when ever possible.

I set it up so the tires are about 1/2" above the surface. Just another option for someone who wants a stand and has minimal resources.