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They should have come with new Big Bore shocks. I imagine any nylon bushing with the proper ID would work though...
They are listed separate as well:

I'm using the springs on mine with white long springs instead of the softer ones it came with. They are about as stiff as the short ones.

Pretty sure I have a few sets of the tubes around... no clue where though. When I got my flux hp, it had RPM arms on it and they would twist so much on hard landings that it would snap the shock end off. The only way to get the shock ends was to buy that $16 parts tree. I spent $32 to have spares... after I busted my 4th one, I bought a full set of stock arms and ditched the RPM arms. No busted shock ends since.


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So the current (for now) build on this truck is as follows:

FLM extended TVP’s
FLM shock towers
FLM steering drag link
FLM servo mounts (steering and throttle)
FLM motor plate
HPI Big Bore shocks (upper spring delete)
RPM A-Arms
HPI Suspension Conversion Set
HPI heavy duty servo saver spring
HPI steering post bearing upgrade
Vorza Axle/Hex Mod
Vorza Diff Mod (Vorza cups, Hot Racing machined and hardened internals)
HPI Hardened ring and pinion gears (29/9)
All metal, shimmed, 3 speed transmission
Custom fabricated servo/fuel tank plate plate
Custom fabricated throttle servo plate
Custom fabricated Rx battery holder
Custom fabricated Rx plate
RPM Rx box
HPI Octane 300cc fuel tank (vent sealed, custom mounts)
NovaRossi Plus 28-7 RT engine (4.66cc)
ERCM side bleed pipe
Stock Savage XL flywheel with Fioroni shoes
18 tooth Clutch Bell
44 tooth hardened spur gear
HiTech 7950 metal gear digital servo (steering) with a single arm Robitronics clamping style horn
Savox SH-1290 metal gear digital servo (throttle) with a 90 degree dual arm Robitronics clamping style horn
Custom OFNA throttle mod setup
ProLine 3.8 Bad Lands on Desperado wheels
Futaba R2104GF Rx
ProTek 6.6v 2-cell 1800 mah LiFe Rx battery
Acer Racing bearings throughout (unless otherwise noted)

I think that about covers everything...
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Dekalb, IL 60115
Are you going to use a 4 shock setup or 8? When I had RPM arms on mine with 4 shock setup, I kept snapping the shock ends off on the front shocks whenever I landed funny or big jumps. The arms twist/flex too much and snap them in half repeatedly. I'm assuming an 8 shock setup would help put the load on both sides of the arms and help with the issue.