Post your tire and rim setup pics


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Got a new set of tires from Team Energy R8MT. It’s got the same diameter as the Terra Pins but these are the low profile type:



Savage 6768

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Curious how those rims hold up. They look a bit brittle, but I like the tread pattern. Aggressive, but large lugs that will hold up to skate parks, yet get good bite in grass/dirt as well.
That was my thoughts when they turned up to, there is not much give in the rims ? will see what happens when I get to launch it on some big jumps LOL


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How did you get them to fit... 17mm hex?
I like the look of those wheels and tires!!
I use the wide axle stubs and I modified some cheap "extenders" I got off ebay. Pretty sure I had a thread with this, but I'm not finding it at the moment... since it deals with "tires" sort of, I guess here is fine too. lol!

My flux was used and came with the silver hub extensions on it on short stub axles. They fit horribly and I replaced them with the hpi long wheel stubs and hpi 17mm hex's/flange nuts. Then I snapped an axle off at the threads, so out of a bit of desperation, I decided to try and make those hubs work, but be better supported. I cut off just enough so that where the hex pin goes would be captured by the wheel. Was a pain with just a hack saw and a dremel, but I got them all pretty close. Drilling the hole in the right spot was the hardest part, since all I have is a hand drill. I used shims to take up any extra slop. 75-80% of the hub is supported by the extended shaft. So it's far stronger than just throwing a set of hub extensions on.

This was the one I broke the threaded part off of:

On the rest, I had to drill a hole in the cap/nut so the threaded shaft could stick through a bit:

I didn't take many photo's of the ones on my X as they are the same as the ones I got for my Flux HP, just red:

Turns out, these hubs fit traxxas keyed hex's, so that was a happy accident. Usually I use an exacto to cut the little nubs off in the hex's to use them on standard flat hex hubs.

These are the hubs, or ones just like them:

To me, it was worth $10 to experiment and I'm glad I did. No more busted cap nuts!

HPI changed them along the line. They used to be a lot thicker and more solid. Then they became much thinner and I started breaking them. I use them on my nitro revo's as well with traxxas 17mm hex's that I cut off. I used the flange nut as the traxxas hex/hubs would wear themselves out on the threads and wobble all over the place. So I'd cut them off and just use the hex with these.

I did find some stronger ones from axial, but they don't thread on as far. The threads don't start for 1-2mm into the flange. They worked ok though on the savage. I never tried on the revo's as I still have a few hpi nuts left.

HPI Z680 old - new - axial 31087:


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@carldav can you please show me how in the world you managed to get your savage to have such a lcg!?

I'm wanting to turn mine into more a of truggy style racer and what you've shown above is EXACTLY what I had pictured in my head!