savage xs

  1. VerticalChallenge

    Springs, foam spacers, O-rings, and shims after CVD upgrade

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Flux XS F-150 with the HD parts, and replaced dog bones with universal drive shafts (CVDs). Center drive line: #106730 - Center Universal Drive Shafts (front and rear) #109922 - HD Cup Joint 5x10x19mm #109923 - HD Cup Joint 5x10x15mm Front and rear differentials...
  2. orzowei69

    Vapor pro esc broken

    Today I discovered that my second vapor pro esc has also failed. The first one (came with the savage xs) smoked due to bad thermal contact between the mosfets and the heatsink. There was over half milimeter of resin in between. The second one has just stopped working. Leds blink correctly when...
  3. J

    I Problems with the sunc between controller and reciver

    I have a problem with the controll and reciver wont connect. Can anybody tell me the proper way to do it??
  4. coreyh29645

    joined the Savage XS club! can't wait to get it!
  5. D

    Chassis extension for the HPI savage xs ss?

    Does anyone know if they makw a savage flux jr. Xsss chassis extention?
  6. B

    Slipper clutch idea/ question?

    Okay I have a Savage Xs and like many other have had many problems with my slipper clutch and can find none anywhere. Try to upgrade to a Robinson Racing can't seem to find one for the XS exactly. Was wondering if any of you guys would know if the one for the revo 16th or for the HPI Blitz by...
  7. bifftit

    XS as a pavement buster

    so, i have this XS that i bought on epig a couple years ago. been trying to dump it, but doesnt look promising. my thought was to remove the front shaft and the two axle shafts, gut the front differential and fill it with lead car tire weights. shave the cup area off the 2 front axlesand shim...
  8. vettehigh

    Correct # of HD items and shafts

    Hi guys...I have all the upgrade items (Savage XS Flux Ford Raptor) I need except for the HD items that are on back order. Do I have the correct amount of each that I will need? (x) represents the total number of each single item. Thank you #106730 - HPI Racing Center Universal Drive Shaft...
  9. Fiend

    Reversing slightly wonky?

    My Savage is always reversing wonky. I've trimmed the steering so it goes almost straight forwards (subject to, errr, user error), but on reversing it always steers to one side (right, looking forwards along the car). The rear wheels are slightly toed in (and thus toed OUT as the car reverses)...
  10. Fiend

    Bumper options??

    T-Bone Thrasher: meant to be good, obviously offers some protection... but looks like ass, I really don't like the way it fits over the current bumper. Integy alloy series...
  11. agold2009

    Running on 3s for Bashing. Whats the best gear setup for it?

    Running my Savage XS for Bashing in dirt, grass and street. I don't care for maximum top speeds and care more to keep the engine and ESC running at decent temps. With that being said, is the recommended HPI parts for 3S the best route to go or should I change it up? Should I stay with the...
  12. Firedcylinder

    Show off your Savage XS!

    Since it doesn't look like we have a showoff thread I thought I'd start one. I don't have many pictures since most of my mods are internal. List is below. Pro-Line Big Joe II on 2.2" Desperados Castle Sidewinder 3 NeuCastle 1410 3800kv Full set of Fast Eddy Bearings HPI Orange Aluminum...
  13. B

    Xs upgrade cvd

    So, what's the concensus on the cvd's? Are they easy to break? Rebuildable? Worth buying all 6? still recommended to get the HD cups all the way around? Could you retro fit the wheely king rear diff & cvd axles? Or just the ends? Anyone using parts from different vehicles? As you can tell, I'm...
  14. Warbux

    Battery Suggestion

    I'm looking at SMC and SPC batteries. If anyone used these batteries in their Savage XS please tell me which ones fit. I'm looking to buy something atleast 5000MAH and 2S. Thank you for your help.
  15. W

    Slipper clutch

    Hi all, I have had my XS for about a month now and so far it has been pretty trouble free. However, lately I am having a lot of trouble with the slipper clutch. I have run it with a 1/4 turn backed off, fully "tightened," and even have tried loctite. Once I tear it apart and put it back...
  16. GGR_Mike

    Looking to swap out esc/motor

    So has anyone put a MMP 4600 kv system in their XS?
  17. Acesupersoaker

    Transmission Gear issues on 3 cells

    I recently bought 3 savage flux XS not fully reading the manual burned up all 3 slipper clutches and all gears mashed and stripped. Any one found hardened gears for the XS?
  18. jaceracer

    question, why so much blue grease?

    I had to take apart my savage xs because my pinion set screw backed off my question is why is there so much blue grease inside that case? I mean I can understand a little bit but this was like someone took a half and dunked it in a barrel of blue grease and the funny thing is the grease was...
  19. jaceracer

    Got my truck finally

    This is my second xs flux! I really like the esc setup on this one better especially with the on and off switch. I just found a video online that shows you how to program this for more punch free within 30 seconds. it's just a rebranded hobbywing esc, from the factory they have it on the lowest...
  20. D

    Newbie Help please

    I have recently become a mechanic for a Savage XS Flux by default. My nephew just bought the RC and since we are both new to the hobby we are both learning. The problem he has with his is that the "drivers" side tire is just offset a bit and affecting his driving/ steering/ etc. I have tried...