fuel tank

  1. F

    Fuel Issue

    So I pulled my Savage XL 4.6 out of storage recently and I have been having some fuel delivery issues. The manual says when you need to prime the carburetor you can either place your finger over the exhaust pipe and crank or you can take the line off the exhaust pipe and blow into it to push...
  2. S

    Petrol tank pipe needed (black color) savage xl octane

    Pls guys suggest where i can find black color fuel tank pipe for savage xl octane. Mine is cracked at multiple places. thanks
  3. parks450

    Ofna tank part number

    For those of you who have done the ofna 125cc fuel tank, what did you use for a part number? Is the part number 30280? If so I can't find one, is another part number compatible? Thank you, John
  4. S

    Help me find a fuel tank

    HELP I'm looking for a silver color rdlogics fuel cell for my all aluminum savage xl the site says out of stock. ebay has a few but not silver I'm going to have to find one to complete this project if you can help me get one hit me on here or [email protected]
  5. Neusicle

    HPI Racing 87149 mod

    Can't find a stock fuel cell. Pulled this 270cc giant out of airplane spare parts box. Took a small home made L bracket and self tappered it with two #8's to the engine plate and one pancake self tapper to the side rail. After that all I needed was a hose clamp. A little nipple on the fuel...
  6. London idiot

    Fuel going wrong way

    Prime engine fine put in starter press start fuel goes back to tank? any suggestions welcome
  7. NightFlier X4.6

    For those who need a stock fuel tank

  8. dealdealerunltd1

    WTB Need Savage 21 Fuel Tank... Paypal Ready..

    Prefer decent shape aluminum tank but if cheap enough stock will work... Let me know... Paypal ready.. Thanks
  9. J

    Alternate fuel tanks

    Like the title says, what are some alternate fuel tanks besides the one for the x? I can't find the ofna 125cc since they are gone. I was thinking a tmaxx or revo tank?
  10. Juarezd

    Savage half tank lean

    Ok I know there is already a lot off threads about this but I can't find what I'm looking for. Is the half tank lean still a problem with the savage x 4.6. I recently bought one about 2-3 weeks ago and wanted to see if it's still a problem. TIA