Gear Chart for Savage Flux


Hi guys I hav the savage flux hp and hav a 52tooth spur gear on it! It's in the xl frame! So I hav put a 13tooth pinion gear on the motor runs very nicely and cold! But I need more speed so what's the biggest pinion gear I could run with the 52tooth spur? Plz guys help needed!
I can't give you exact advice because I have a brushless conversion in an extended frame but I would think you will need to gear up on the pinion. But....correct me if I'm wrong, you may run out of space if you continue to use the 52T spur. I have a 48T spur with a 15T pinion on 3S and a 2200kv motor. My top end is slow but everything is cool. I'm going to go down on my spur to see if I can get more top end without heating things up too much. I say go lower spur and go from there. Hope that helps.

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