1. M

    noisy diffs 2017 XL

    I recently got a savage xl flux new, it came with the sinterd crown and pinions , so i orderd the rc4me ring and pinion machined and they seem very noisy. theres no resistance or slipping of the gears everything turns smoothly, just really loud compared to what i know a diff should sound like...
  2. S

    Savage Xs Flux acceleration issue

    Hello everyone I have a savage xs flux on which i've just changed the front and rear differentials. (I've had quite a few issues with it, kinda set it aside, and I'm getting back on it after 2-3 years) I also had a clutch problem (changed the gearbox gears because some teeth were broken, and...
  3. Samthomas450

    Savage flux XL keeps destroying rear diffs

    Hey everyone my savage keeps destroying the rear diff. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. The bearings seem tight I clean everything out but if I land a jump in dirt with any sort of throttle on boom pinion is gone. Is there a better diff then the bullet proof? There getting hard to find...
  4. NitroNick

    Front wheel drive and rear brakes?

    Decided to take my 25 out today and before I was halfway through tank one I noticed I only had front wheel drive. I recently changed out all of the driveshafts with MIP so I first made sure everything was still tight in that category and then I thought it could be the spider gears in the rear...
  5. VerticalChallenge

    Springs, foam spacers, O-rings, and shims after CVD upgrade

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Flux XS F-150 with the HD parts, and replaced dog bones with universal drive shafts (CVDs). Center drive line: #106730 - Center Universal Drive Shafts (front and rear) #109922 - HD Cup Joint 5x10x19mm #109923 - HD Cup Joint 5x10x15mm Front and rear differentials...
  6. olds97_lss

    rc4me center diff Super 5SC transmission in my HPI Savage Flux HP

    Well, I got the rc4me center diff trans. On my bench, I'm not sure how other guys have installed it. A few things differ that I need to deal with before moving forward with it. I got it for the sole purpose of trying to help my diffs last longer. Even running 4S, I still have busted 3 or 4 diffs...
  7. Bboy86

    Blew front Diff bearings

    after going through my XL after nearly2 hours of running, I found a blown bearing on the front Diff on the case side. I wonder when it happened...
  8. L0r3x

    Will Front/Rear Diff fit the Alza Center Diff Kit?

    Hi guys! Just like the title says, will the front/rear diff of our savage fit into the alza center diff kit? Or I will need to buy the vorza center diff?
  9. Josh

    Savage xl flux v2

    What are spools and why would you use them in place of differential. I just blew my savage xl flux v2 rear differential.
  10. B

    Savage keeps breaking differential pinion gears

    Why does my Savage XL 5.9 keep breaking differential pinion gears?
  11. JonnyWalker

    CEN differential swap

    I've seen some posts about the CEN diff swap; http://www.rccoh.com/rc.how-to/savage.cen.diffs.html I was wondering if these would fit in? Anyone have a clue? http://www.ebay.com/itm/391704915334 Many thanks in advance!
  12. jay2006

    front diff binding/clicking while pushing savage back and forth

    was wondering if anyone can please give some advise..i have a brand new savage x with LRP zr32 engine ran 5 tanks through it so far.everything runs and works awesome. I'm not experiencing any issues what so ever while running it.but once in a while when i free roll the truck (push it back and...
  13. Rchrdjrz

    Savage xs spins out and looses control

    I have a savage xs that I bought used from a guy of Craigslist and when I use it on dirt it spins out all the time and I loose control. He mentioned something about oil and grease. I don't know where or what kind to use.. any suggestions?
  14. SavageLyfe

    BP differential need new alum gearbox? or stock good?

    Basically as the title states I'm looking to upgrade my diffs since i just got a lrp 32 and i have stock diffs. They are starting to mess up. I already have upgraded arms, driveshafts and so on just stock diff case and gears. Do i need to get a new case/box for new gears or can i use the plastic...
  15. h00vy

    Good differential replacement

    My truck sat for quite a while with a broken front differential. I finally had time to fix it (stripped pinion) and took it out for a drive. I had 1/2 a battery pack through it, and the rear differential went south. I figured it was the pinion again, so I ordered 'HPI 102692 Bulletproof Machined...
  16. B

    Xs upgrade cvd

    So, what's the concensus on the cvd's? Are they easy to break? Rebuildable? Worth buying all 6? still recommended to get the HD cups all the way around? Could you retro fit the wheely king rear diff & cvd axles? Or just the ends? Anyone using parts from different vehicles? As you can tell, I'm...
  17. GAJ

    Diff maintenance, shouldn't have bothered

    Working on the Savage XL today, noticed that the rear diff felt a bit Klunky. I decided to pull it out for the first time. Disassembled the rear, pulled out the diff. Spinning the pinion cup felt nice and smooth, but spinning one wheel did not. Decided to open the diff, this is where it all...
  18. Bauerdog

    Difference in manuals

    getting some part numbers from my old tattered ss manual, I noticed the diff assembly instructions seemed off. It says to put the washer in, then the 6811 o ring. I've always put the o-ring in first, then the washer. I checked a paper version of the RTR manual and it's written the same...
  19. J


    Hello I have Savage does anyone have fix for front and rear diff. mine leaks diff oil from the bottom i tighten screws as much as possible but still leaks' Thanks John
  20. D

    Differential Housing Misalignment

    Hello, I have had this problem numerous times without an obvious solution. Does anyone know what the main cause of this is? Image (expires in 2 days) of the front diff housing https:// dl3.volafile.io/get/z1F-PkIQOg_ZLg/up1.jpg I have bought a new bulkhead and it still doesn't go in even...