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    R U Going to the 09 Finals?? Post your pic and name here!!

    I hope everything goes well man. Take care of the family first is what I say.
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    Weather forecast at Poplar Branch, NC :)

    Sweet! Better then the 95/100F + here in Texas!
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    5.9 kinda impressed

    LOL!!! I got it still it will be at the finals....just did some maitenence on it. It's ok just not what I really wanted.
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    Associated SC10

    Saweet!!! Gotta love a loveing wife! ;) Can't wait to see it in person bud. I was just talking to Nick about them today...give me your honest brutal opinion when your done and bash it some.
  5. jcam54 blew the witness relocation program rules! Your Marshal is going to be upset..... :lmao: Man the crawler does look sweet with the new add ons! Loven them bumpers and prerunner bar.
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    5.9 in X Leaning Out

    Mid range needle needs to be flush and sealed...major air leak there will cause you to lean out.
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    New mill for the Menace

    hmmmm...kinda look like a p3 or jpx....Robin is going to have fun with that one...stock up on tires brother, your gonna need them.
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    God is busy

    +100...I just forwarded the story...keep it going.
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    Help with Big Bore shock springs

    It's a good spring kit and yes you do not need to run the preload clips unless you want more preload for your set up.
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    Jcam54's Baja SS

    lol got a good gyro from futaba just not decided if I'm gonna run it
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    Jcam54's Baja SS

    lol that was breakin...trying not to over do it the first time out! plus it was very wet gravel/sand mix pile...everything was sinking into it....very loose! If I went full throttle all I would do is dig in. The savages at the bash were digging in the whole time. this is what the...
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    Well here is my truck

    Looking good, can't wait to see the cf build up.
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    Jcam54's Baja SS

    A little fun from the last bash/break in of the baja in Houston.
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    Used a DX3S.....Crashed my car...Pics

    #1 thats a fast little sucker #2 the radio is junk, send it off for refund imo... DO NOT INSTALL ON YOUR BAJA! countless reports of runaways with spektrum radios, HpiBajaForum has many horror stories. Seems most switch to the Futaba 3pm FAAST system or even bigger the 4pk, some even...
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    Texas Bash Session In Feb!

    No problem brother! Your always welcome down here. Give us a shout when you can make it.