Savage xs slipper pads destroyed


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Slipper pads are probably the most difficult issue to solve in Savage XS:
- Slipper nut loosens easily. Need to superglue it after adjusting.
- Whenever the slipper gets wet, the celulose slipper pads soften and get deformed. Sometimes it can be corrected by readjusting the slipper spring but others you will have to replace the pads (waterproof car? not completely)

Tired of having to dismantle half the car to replace the slippers, I decided to find an alternative material for the pads.
In the end I managed to improve the slipper performance and durability by making leather slipper pads.

Benefits of leather pads:
-Much more adherence. No need to tighten the slipper nut almost all the way. Slipper spring is not so tight and the nut stays in place.
- I soaked the leather pads with super glue. They are waterproof.

Now I have two spare HPI slipper pads sets for sale...

For those interested, this is a youtube video of how to do it:


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