Castle 2200kv motor stuttering so bad.

Ingrim weikal

Ok so I was driving my savage flux last weekend and the motor started to stutter when I gently give it throttle thought I had to program the esc. But then today I was driving the truck started to loose power a bit then the motor stuttered so bad the truck shut off on me. Also the motor was very hot to the touch. Any help plz? Thanks.


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If you haven't been monitoring motor temps then possibly damaged it due to it getting too hot. Look at changing gearing.

Check all connections are good and solder joints where cable/wire joins connector.

Try different batteries, check low voltage cut off level on esc.


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Any idea what temp the motor/esc are? Are you running 4S or 6S? What spur/pinion? What tires?

I run a MMX/2200kv sensored in my flux hp on 6S. I had to drop the gearing quite a bit to get it to not overheat the esc on me. I also added a fan to the motor to help it not get so warm. When I ran 4S, I think I ran 21/44 with trencher 3.8's. When I put a center diff transmission in it (super 5SC from, I dropped it a tooth (20/44) as I was able to run WOT a lot more and things were running on the warm side.

Been on 6S for a while, don't drive it much but the gearing is 16/48 and could stand to go a bit lower.

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