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savage xl k5.9

  1. Markjarvis3

    Just for fun. Everyone’s best mod/mods

    Thought I start a thread just for a bit of fun and for a incite into other enthusiasts sav’s. What’s you best mod/mods or hack No matter how big, small, cheap, expensive or even free if you’ve been lucky enough to find anything laying around
  2. S

    Any changes I could make? :)

    Hi all, Just looking some feedback. I got s second hand savage xl a few months ago. Love it to bits, definitely the best nitro RC I’ve owned up to now. I recently got the 3 speed transmission working (finally) after much hassle. The car came with a lot of upgrades that he guy had fitted...
  3. Wheelin Rev

    HPI Savage XL K5.9 Radio Conversion Analog to Digital Cost?

    I have an August 2009 HPI Savage XL K5.9 Truck with analog electronics that I am considering changing over to 2.4 GHz digital electronics. Has anybody done this conversion specifically in a Savage XL K5.9 truck? If so, I have the following questions: How involved (degree of difficulty) is the...
  4. Wheelin Rev

    Savage XL K5.9 Build Needs Help (a.k.a. SAV100 Motor Saver Air Filter giveaway)

    Wheelin Rev here with his beloved Savage XL K5.9 from the August 2009 timeframe: For those that don't remember me or don't know me, I have a neuromuscular disorder called MELAS that is a terminal illness. I've had great difficulty controlling this awesome RC truck and therefore have only run...
  5. JohnPhillips

    Savage XL 5.9 V2

    Savage XL 5.9 V2 The updated Savage XL 2.0 features a variety of upgrades and changes to one of the most popular Savage monster trucks, making it faster, meaner and even bigger! Underneath the GTXL-1 in a cool new subdued color, the chassis is the same as the colossal Savage XL Octane, with its...
  6. harty1209

    slipper clutch

    hey guys my slipper clutch is only lasting a short while the nut has been tightened nearly all the way up and is ok for a short while but then begins to slip any surggestions many thanks harty1209
  7. HPIsavagexl

    Cuts off at full throttle

    Hi Just a week ago i was riding my hpi savage xl k5.9 and it runned perfect, 2 days later i wanted to ride again but the roto start blocked all the time... so i fixed that but now if i give full throttle the engine goes out. Any help fixing this???