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  1. MaximusAcordius

    The Dynamite Mach 2 .28 Big Red on Savage X

    How's everyone doin? My F4.6 engine gave out and HPI agreed to send a replacement part to my LHS. However, the replacement piston and sleeve are on back order just like a majority of all HPI parts. Does anyone know what the deal is with HPI? Anyways, I couldn't wait any longer so the customer...
  2. JVT73

    Horizon Hobby-Dynamite Optical Large Scale Kill Switch?

    Does anyone have any experience with this kill switch? I think it just came out in December & my LHS has it in stock for $29.00. My current kill switch is a Killer RC-Killer Bee 2 (in the Baja when I bought it) & it doesn't play nice with my Spektrum DX4R remote. I have the Super Bee on my buy...
  3. parks450

    Dynamite 086 pipe and / flm tvp

    Used but good condition, came with my bag o parts truck along with a ercm. No need for 2 pipes so selling this one. $35 shipped in the u.s. Also have a very nice set of flm low center of gravity (regular length) tvp. $45 shipped in u.s. Also have a savage XL header with spring style clamp...
  4. Zep71

    Dynamite .28

    I bought a Dynamite .28 because i was told they are easy to tune. the one i have is nothing but trouble. i have it on my Savage 25. i have learned a lot about tuning and such from reading and what jam Racing has helped me with.looks like that Dynamite is going on a shelf and my HPI 3.5 is going...
  5. Virgilbigfish

    Fuel consumption

    I bought a used motor its a Dynamite 21 and starts right up won't stay running it just spits gas. Like a hole tank in a matter of minutes but it will start right up then flood out I leaned it out HSN didn't stop spitting out gas. Before I messed with it too much I posted one of the...
  6. S

    Please help

    I have a dynamite mach 26 with the threaded shaft it came with my savage and it looks to be brand new so I was wanting to try it but how do I set my clutch and so forth up on it and what do I need I can't find a pilot nut that will thread on because of the shaft being to big please help?
  7. JargonBomb

    Dynamite 053

    Installed this Dynamite 053 Exhaust and a few other little things a couple of days ago. After some slight tuning I'm loving the performance and sound! I did shave off part of the header so it would sit correctly and not interfere with the roto start plate.