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Hi all,

Midnight Society (car club I help run here in Aus) are beginning to get into rc drifting - figured I'd join to the bandwagon too with my wealth of rc knowledge (lol).

I've already decided that really I want the HPI rs4 sport 3 kit, HPI in some trouble but dammit they make good rigs 🙃
But, if anyone knows of any other kit chassis around the same price that has readily available parts and is around the same price (check your area prices, for me the kit costs $245AUD) hit me up!

Looking at getting the hobbywing juststock club spec combo, for its looks more than anything. Anyone know much about this range of hobbwing stuff?
Again if you have any better alternatives I'd love to know

For the steering servo I've chosen the Power HD 1206TG - 7kg digital servo. Its under $70 and I feel is more than adequate for an on road scenario. I looked at the savox range as I have one in my savage but I can't justify the high price tag for one like I could for the savage (I broke like 4 before moving to the savox one I have now).

Wheels/tyres I'm not stressed about - the variety for this rc type is insane!

Gonna be getting the ali shocks and locked rear diff. Front diff I'll keep open with some light/medium diff oil. As a drift car I need the back to slide out as easily as possible but still be controllable.

This is a long term work in progress - I hope to start it soonish though. I will keep updating this thread as time goes on for anyone interested!

I'd love to put some HPI Savage forum stickers on this rig to represent this fine community too!! Something I'll (with permission of course) look into doing.

Again, I'd love to hear everyones thoughts and ideas! I want this to be a strong rig with minimal fixing required so any input would be amazing!!

Cheers all!! 😁😁😁


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As promised, here's an update on the build.

The parts arriving

It all happened pretty quick! However the upgrade parts arrived before the rolling chassis did so it was hard to look at for another week before the chassis arrived!!


Here's what I got as upgrade parts for the new drift pig:
  • Yeah Racing aluminium hop up kit - RSS3-S01OR
  • Yeah Racing aluminium adjustable linkage set - RSS3-012OR
  • HPI Racing aluminium adjustable shocks - HPI-114435
As for electronics:
  • Savox 6.5kg digital servo - SAV-SC-0352
    Bit of a cheap servo but I figured it won't be under as much stress as my savage servo is so it should be fine
  • Spektrum SR215 receiver - SPMSR215
  • ESC - TBD
  • Motor - TBD
Also, impulse bought some Yeah Racing aluminium wheels for when she's being a shelf queen (hence all the aluminium parts).
I'll give em a crack on a track but I'm gonna bet that the plastic ones will be better. Les rotational mass means less stress on the motor


Putting it all together

I'll have to take some close up shots of the different components but for now this is all I got :p

I paid only $150AUD for the creators edition rs4 sport 3 pack, it came in brand new condition minus the fancy box. You can also see them fancy ali wheels :love:


Hard to see, but just behind the rig is the assembled shocks I had done while waiting for the chassis to arrive. I used some relatively thick shock oil, they need to be pretty stiff, overall happy with them so far but will see how they perform, its easy to adjust the weight so I'm not too stressed. On a side not, I wish their stiffness could be adjusted like the coilovers in my actual car. Being able to turn a knob to adjust the shocks would be amazing - someone do this for RC's pls!

It went together pretty easily, I have the main chassis all done so all thats needed now is the esc and motor.
My s8 seems to not enjoy taking photos any more, keeps focusing on the wrong this which is quite annoying :banghead:


As mentioned before, next on the list is the motor, esc, and a shell. All TBD at this point.

Pretty pleased with how its coming along! Need to adjust the turnbuckles to get it sitting right and then she'll be sweet!👌


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