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The entire install of everything I'd set aside 2 hours eh


The entire install of everything I'd set aside 2 hours eh

That sounds about right. I tore mine apart the other day and replaced all my axles and cups with HD. I have never looked at the thing apart before and managed to take it apart and reassemble with no instructions in about 2.5 hours total.


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I'm back! Albeit temporarily.... Had some good bashing out a few weeks ago:

Possibly the final video in my series of dicking around with this great 1/12th scale basher. Lots of stuff squeezed into this video so if you're bored with the current 20 seconds you might like the next bit. A bit of an emphasis on backflips and kicking up dust, but that's what the terrain suits.

Filmed in Caitkin Braes country park and Cambusbarron Quarry.

Casualties: two shock ends, one steering pin, one Nikon P340 compact camera, my sanity when I had to strip the gearbox down in the field twice in a row to eventually find the grub screw on the pinion had worked loose.

The T-Bone Thrasher bumpers you guys made me get were great, I'm sure they helped a lot.

Edit: Also CVDs are really useful, no poppage at all.

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