Savage XL K5.9 Tuning help


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I have a problem when i let go off the throttle, engine stops... is the LSN still too rich ( its about 2,5 turns IN from flush-stock...that is the only way it will run good from start ) ?

From full throttle to 0-brake the RPM go slightly down for 0,5s then go back to normal

i use 25% Fuel

idle set to 1.0mm

HSN is set fine no problems on full throttle ( good smoke, screams like a banshee :D )

Please help


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Usually you want the LSN flush with the carb for it to run fairly decent. Id just leave the setting flush, I have a k4.6 and it's flush and runs and idles great. I think it's a common setting between all the engines, good luck


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Your low speed needle maybe too lean. I would reset your low needle to stock and open up your idle adjust till it could idle. Run the truck and make sure high speed is set so you’re head temps are between 220-250 degrees Fahrenheit then if it’s idling, pinch fuel line to carb and listen to the motor. If it revs up a little and dies it’s good. If it shuts off right away it’s lean.

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High Speed Needle: Flush with groove
Low Speed Needle: Flush with case
Idle: 1 mm

think of the needle faces as a clock face.....
Reset all your needles to baseline and start fresh, make tiny small adjustments (about 1 hour on a clock face) to the high needle only, your idle setting may need to be set but after you get it tuned enough to stay running under all conditions first...

Remember SMALL TURNS of the needle adjusters are best!!!!!!


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For what it's worth, no two engines are the same. So flush for one guy may only be close for another. The break-in settings are typically really rich, so if you start there, then lean it for tune, you should find where your engine likes to be.

Could just be your idle screw is too low. You should have a 1mm gap or so when you look down the carb throat with the filter off and the brake applied. If you have less than that with brake applied, then screw in the idle screw until you get close, then adjust accordingly once it's running. When your throttle trigger is at rest, it shouldn't move the carb slide any further when you apply the brake. That's what the idle screw does for you. It gives the throttle slide something to rest on and stops it from going too far.