losi 8ight t 2.0 conversion

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just me
Renfrew Ontario Canada
Guys I'm looking for brushless combo options for this . I am going to get a set up to have ready for when I blow the nitro motor up this summer. Thinking in and around the 2200kv and it has to be at least capable of handling 5s as that's what I will run it on. I'm not at all opposed to cheaper solutions then the tekin or castle setups . EBay links would be fine as well. Thanks to all you electric guys in advance.
It's all about the experience. It would be the same as asking "would you rather drive a muscle car or a prius?". Now I know that brushless setups can be much faster than nitro, that isn't the point. It's the smell, sound and feel of it.

Long live nitro!!!
Yeah i would have to say nitro is better. Electric is BORING
It's like "Woo hoo it goes really fast!.....okay wheres my nitro savage? this is boring"
I agree with Max and X Keep the NITRO and if ya wanna go to an electric just buy one that aint a conversion. that way ya can keep the nitro and have an electric too. myself I prefer the nitro , the sound smell and adrenelin rush that it gives me.... only electric I like over nitro is my ClodBusters, they always give me a good grin...
Thanks for the tips guys. I would keep this nitro but I can only race it if its brushless. The nitro motor that's in it now will out run the electrics in a fun run at my track . But to race the indoors track in the winter next year ill need it to be brushless. I'm not going to go with the teckno conversion. I'm going to do it my way and make it my own if I do convert. But things change and I might sell it to be able to run an electric 2wd buggy that is more my driving style.
>cough< Buy a cheap used flux then. >cough<


Please don't hurt the nitro, we'll pay you whatever your demands are!!
(This comment is not a contract, we have no money to spend)


HPISF for Nitros
I will probably end up with a losi 22 buggy after I sell off this truggy. But I am going to have some fun with it first this summer. If the 454 blows up it blows up. And I will be always running a race tune on it so i will be pushing it.

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