Just bought a k4.6, any things i should aware of?


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So I just bought a used k4.6, guy said it had 1gal thru it, good compression and always put ARO in it. Reason being is cause my cousins engine is shot so I'll be giving him my f4.1 and I'll put this for the mean while until I get my lrp. Anyways, any tips or tricks I should know with this engine? Also what glow plugs would you guys recommend? The temps here are 85f-100f. Will be cooling a lot in the coming months. Thank you


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Hello hopefully the company that took over for Hpi starts getting rtr and parts out right now some parts are getting scarce . Also if u have good compression and it starts half the battle is over. Get her up and running when u first start ger up have front end against a wall ir something in case it wants to do a run away this way u xan pinch fuel line goin into carb to shut it down..what radio do u have it vould be the one with a built in failsafe ...also i think the kack of replies is do to the holiday weekend ..sme oretty knowlegable peeps herewho love giving advice. Good luck


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I would get a os#8 plug. See how it runs from there. Good luck with the used motor. I've never had good luck with used nitro engines.