is there any larger savage x battery box mods? i cut a wire sadly


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hello guys! i have a savage x and i bet all of us think the box is too small, sadly i wasnt paying attention to the portion that the servos are, and i ended up swuishing a wire between there. is there any type of larger battery box mod or anything of that nature? i had a idea otherwise but its kinda ugly.

so the battery cover kinda clips into the back and the front has that twist lock thingy to lock it down, the sides of the battery lid fit into the battery box so basically theres no chance of dirt or whatever getting thru. i was thinking on just dremelling or melting the sides of the battery lid just so the lid only clips into the box from the back and from the front.

this way since the sides are going to be open, it will be way easier to close the lid since i only have to stop the wires from getting caught in the front and back rather then all 4 sides.

i know the con of this is that if i play in wet environment then my truck electronics will get wet but for me personally i never play in wet anything. only dry

so what do yall think? is this the only thing to do?



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Dremel the hole where the wire for the servo comes out, its what I did to fit the server I got.

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