adding pull start or hpi rotostart to losi 454?


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Hey guys I picked up a Losi 454 from a friend however it has no backplate, no pull start or roto start thing. He had the engine laying around so he doesn’t have a clue how to get it running either. Sorry I’m a noob as well. What can I buy to get it running? I have a hpi .28 engine with rotostart backplate and I have a rotostart laying around but I also would be open to installing a pull start onto the losi. I read some stuff about certain engines only being able to use pull start if they originally came with pull start and drill start if they came with drill start. i assume pull start will be cheapest so what do i need for that? Thanks


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Probably also need the one-way bearing and seal for the backplate. The roto-start for the "spin start" is in the center, which I don't think works on the savage as the rear bulkhead is in the way, but I could be wrong. I always used pullstart engines with mine.

From what I read in the past, the spin-start is weak and tends to break which causes the pullstart to be useless. I'm not sure if this is from people that didn't understand RC nitro pull-start engines or not though as they could have just been ripping the cord too far or something.

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