2018 0708 New videos from last weekend


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Trying out some new software for editing videos... I don't know why I bother as it takes so long to edit this stuff, but I still like watching them myself. I remounted my onboard camera on the side of the truck. When I mounted it on my stampede, I put a chunk of stiff foam behind the body so the weight of the camera woudn't flex the body much as the foam rests on the roll bar I made for it. I need to do something similar on the savage and maybe velcro the lower skirt of the body to the battery box as it's still a bit floppy.

Instead of putting the FPV in series with the normal footage, I synced it up the best I could and have it running constantly in the corner of the main video. Was a pain to learn the new program, but in the end, it will make it quicker to edit as I edit both streams at the same time. Trying to figure out if I should make the FPV window a bit smaller or not.

Savage Flux and others:

Stampede stuff:

I ended up buying the software, CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra. Figured it was worth $60 after being in it all day. I doubt I'll use 90% of what it does, but it allows for slow motion adjustments and the PIP output. It's pretty cpu intensive when editing two video streams at the same time, but I'm guessing that's to be expected.