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HPISF - Presents UVBNServed
Support the forum today for UVBNServed Gift Certificate

$200.00 Gift certificate - Give-away!

Random number drawing. 1 -1000. We will use - www.Random.org. A number will be generated from the site, and has nothing to do with me or HPISF.
Pick your number.

PM me "]-[0pa]0ng " for more info on how to enter.

Click the Green "DONATE BUTTON" above in the Nav Bar. include your name and screen name here on the forum. Then pm ]-[0pa]0ng on how to play. All moneys is for site donation
Support the site, never know it might just be you who wins this awesome Gift Certificate. Entries will be accepted until 12 noon on Sunday 07/31/2011 & drawing video will be posted at 5pm.

Everyone Who enters will get 15% discount code forIf your purchase is for ex. less than the gift certificate the remaining amount will be used as credits for your next purchase.
Think about it, It's a $200.00 certificate plus 15% discount on FLM parts only.The discount is for those who enter and is a one time offer only. Sweetest deal You'll find anywhere. Only place you will see this deal is at HPISF.
Rules: Your numbers must be in the 1st post you started with. up to you to know if the number you want hasn't already been taken 1st. Enter as many times as you wish. The one closest w/o going over"WINS".
PM me for more info on your chance to WIN $200.00 Gift certificate.
Staff included.

Good luck and thank you for supporting the forum.
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Sparc your the lucky winner. Your number w/o going over is 155.

Congrats from the Staff and members of HPISF. Get with Kevin and start ordering your dream list.
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