1. S

    Savage Xs Flux acceleration issue

    Hello everyone I have a savage xs flux on which i've just changed the front and rear differentials. (I've had quite a few issues with it, kinda set it aside, and I'm getting back on it after 2-3 years) I also had a clutch problem (changed the gearbox gears because some teeth were broken, and...
  2. Dem

    Servo issue

    Drove slowly over a 2inch curb and suddenly lost throttle and break control.. Was lookin at it today and it seems to work when it wants to. Which isnt long then just stops. When it works i can keep makin it move but say once i let go it stops working for abit then randomly works again. Put...
  3. Tgum

    Looking for new throttle servo

    What do you guys think is the best throttle servo that isn't to pricey