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  1. WoodiE

    Giveaway: FastEddy Ball Bearing Kit

    A set of good bearing, like those from, make for longer run times, better efficiency, and longer lasting parts. The bearing kits from FastEddy are sealed which further increase the life of the bearings themselves. GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner will win a Savage bearing kit of...
  2. WoodiE

    MotorSaver HPI Savage Air Filter

    If you want the best air filter you can get for your nitro engine, then Motor Saver is going to be at the top of that list and thanks to Motor Saver we're giving away a FREE HPI Savage air filter from Motor Saver! The winner will receive a SAV100 Motor Saver Air Filter! Rules Create a new...
  3. WoodiE

    GIVEAWAY: Savage LST Shock Kit from Innovative-RC

    Sure you could run 8 big bore shocks on your Savage, or you could even use bigger bore shocks for even better suspension. But if you really want the ultimate in HPI Savage suspension then upgrade your shocks to 4 MASSIVE Losi LST Shocks and to make the install a breeze Innovative-RC has the...
  4. WoodiE

    Giveaway - CowRC Udder Butter, to two lucky winners!

    GIVEAWAY ITEM: COW RC Udder Butter from! CowRC Udder Butter provides superior water resistance, even in salt water, will ensure continued sealing and protection. Perfect for wheel bearings, shock linkages, swing arm pivots, transmission, axles, differentials and more! Enhanced...