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1/5 scale

  1. JVT73

    Horizon Hobby-Dynamite Optical Large Scale Kill Switch?

    Does anyone have any experience with this kill switch? I think it just came out in December & my LHS has it in stock for $29.00. My current kill switch is a Killer RC-Killer Bee 2 (in the Baja when I bought it) & it doesn't play nice with my Spektrum DX4R remote. I have the Super Bee on my buy...
  2. Juarezd

    Can’t decide on what 1/5 scale

    Ok guys haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been back in the hobby for a while again. I currently have a HPI Savage x and a traxxas e-Maxx Brushless. I’ve been really thinking about getting a 1/5 2stroke rc. I really like the hpi Baja 5b Tsk-b kraken but don’t like the fact it’s 2 wheel drive...