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I've owned a few cars. The best till now was a electric losi buggy. It flew and was sort of fun. You get a new car it's all fun. Then it gets not as good. I got a savage xs funhaver. Drove it a few places. It's fast. Now I've been driving it on soccer fields. They go great on short grass. A bit of dirt amongst grass. If you can get it to near full speed. You can accelerate to flip the car speed. It's fun. It's got potential. Other cars. Being 45 years old. You look like a dimwitt driving. But at least this car you can impress people abit. A lot. Not you. But it. The car makes r/c car driving a sport. Instead of silly dorkheads driving little toys. It's not a toy. In fact. If you've got your kid with you. Leave him in the car. Unless you want broken little domes. Or a smashed Jaw. From a fast slightly out of control car. Anyway thumbs up. Finally a r/c car was manufactured
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Well having been in the hobby for over 30 odd years, I can attest to most all my fleet of toys are not setup for youngsters, I have a few nitros that NOBODY but me drives, not caz I am stingy at all, they just are MINE MINE MINE !!!! :lmao: in truth I have lots invested in my toys and I am always willing to let an experienced guy give mine a go if they want...

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