WOW...Silly Money!!

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Well it sold for £125 + £11.55 postage. Some one need their head testing. 2 complete savages sold at around the same time, 1 for £88 & the other i think went for £118. Both were sold as seen, spares are repairs but god give me strength, are the 2 idiots that were outbidding each other that stupid. Could have bought a complete truck, had both front and the back end, thrown the rest in the bin and it would have still been cheaper. LOL. It's not like it was in good condition either, odd screw everywhere and caked in crud. even got old style upper & lower arms and old style skid plate plus no shock tower.
Here the rest of the pictures from the auction.
man it is from a pre X savage, old style bulkheads & diff and the bulkheads have the TVP locating pins shred off, bargain buy that was. There are some right plunkers in this world.
Think the start bid was about £10, yes it looks strange mate. the geezer selling them only had a feedback score of 5 or sommit. To think I only paid £175 for those 2 savages over xmas, and one was a complete runner with carbon TVPs and the other had the IRC Losi AFT shock kit on it.
Looks like there is hope for me yet. LOL.😁😜🤪
Was going to get a couple of the trucks out today but ended up fitting 5 more of them with the Ofna throttle linkage kit, only 2 more to go and they are all converted. switch a few of the servo around as well. had 3 trucks running 35kg throttle servos which is a bit of an over kill so knicked them to use as steering servo on some of the other trucks and replaced them with Feetech 20kg ones.
Basher 2 came abit closer to being finished aswell, just need to fit a receiver which is in the post & find an engine for it. Don't know what to do about that yet, keep looking at new ones but the truck don't warrant that. Keep looking at that Thunder Tiger Pro S50 .50 on eBay but it will perform as bad as a .46 hotbodies truckzilla mill if not worse and as it's £129 can get a new Force R36 for the same money but do fancy a silly engine and they don't get more silly than 8.2cc.
I got a whole truck, mines the engine, for the same price!! o_O and it was in better shape.
Yer like I said previously, I picked up a pair of savages xmas, 1 complete & 1 roller for only £40 more. 😕
Plus, I agree with (guinnessdublin) that the bidding, seems that someone is helping to push the price up, and when the bid ends, it magickly comes back the next week!! So, when I place a bid, I always have a cap, that I will not go above.
Yer you are probably right there, used to do this many years ago when 1st started on eBay. Must be something like that as you would have to be insane to pay that for that item. Like I said could have bought all this new for that many. Maybe not direct from suppliers but defo off eBay as have done it myself, but then again us savage freaks are known to pay silly money for something we want. 🤪😜🙃👍

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