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Using a battery in multiple rigs


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Perth, WA
Hey all,

I've just begun the process of building a 1/10th drifter (hpi rs4 sport 3) type car - if I'm honest its gonna be more of a show pony than anything but thats not the point of this thread.

I have 2x 2s batteries, and 2x 3s batteries that I use in my savage. they're all less than 6 months old too and (I believe) well looked after. The batteries started life as parallel pairs while I got used to flux rigs as I'd been on the nitro train for a very long time.

I have since used these batteries in series on my savage and thats how it'll stay.

The drift rig will only need 1 battery to run, and can run either 2s or 3s - fantastic! I already have 2 of each!!

My question is, can these batteries be safely used in multiple rigs? They've always been run in pairs and never in singles and I don't know if this effects their performance and/or safety.

TIA for any info :)

PS - Keep and eye out on this thread for the build of the rc drifter if you're interested 🤙


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Dekalb, IL 60115
If you want to use them as pairs again, you will want to keep track of cycles on each so you "wear" them both the same. If not, and you intend on running them as singles until they die, I don't see an issue with that.

I have done similar scenario, but I have taken 2x2S apart to make 1 3S pack (and a spare cell left over) to make a single 3S for my 1/10th trucks. Since I pretty much only ever ran them in pairs, I figure they are worn the same and so far, it's worked out ok. Been running 2 SMC 3S packs I built out of old 2S packs for 8 months or so now without any real issue. Other than the packs were getting tired before I started with over a years worth of time on them. So they are starting to take a long time to balance with now over 2 years of cycles on them.