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Upgrades Savage .21


New Member
I am brand new to gassers and at 60, looking to have a little fun in the dirt. I inherited a savage .21 truck with lots of dust during a recent garage sale. After clearing the dust, it actually looks to be in good operation. Radio and micros all seems to work. Pull start is shot but other than that all looks well. I ordered a new Nitro 4.6 and roto start setup, fuel, filter, etc to start the truck, to include plugs for the .21. Can anyone suggest any "must do" upgrades for this truck? Thanks in advance.....
i recommended the CVD dog bones ( from MIP) for each diff to the rims, and may be 24 mm Hex for the rims fitting, minimum is 17 mm Hex, it depends what Rims / wheels you have or want to drive
The diff must have a aluminum housing and a 4 Spider diff
As well RPM front and rear arms will be an excellent Performance
Shock socks are a must to invoid dust to the shocks
Brake disk out of carbon will deceasing the brake distances and are a long running performance part
So that’s the first tuning to have a bullet proof Savy
Here some pictures of my custom savy
and my new Savage XL Octane E95B4EF9-5D03-4296-AE1A-A237AA34EC37.jpegE5D1E595-3561-496F-A0A6-44FC89D459B0.jpegE53BE27D-D9AD-4018-982A-905566C2C7C0.jpegE08E360A-1DA0-4E80-B2E9-51E0A0C7CFF5.jpegFEB6402A-91C9-4A39-9DC1-CF6287EAD5CE.jpegBF423B51-ACD6-406D-9295-181911D9F3BE.jpeg77AAA002-FF73-4EF8-AEA4-C68029741086.jpegBA14DF2C-AC5A-441D-92AD-76581C812306.jpeg00065DF4-EEAA-4402-BEC1-90AC9245E8EE.jpegB2A74D4B-E93D-4E47-AC59-1506CF619D25.jpegE95B4EF9-5D03-4296-AE1A-A237AA34EC37.jpegE95B4EF9-5D03-4296-AE1A-A237AA34EC37.jpeg