The Various Clutch Holders for Savage Transmission


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Does anyone have an overview of the various clutch holders that HPI has offered for 2 speed and 3 speed transmissions?

My 3 speed transmission has a clutch holder that looks like the silver versions in attached photos.

I would like to replace it. This is because I applied the heat gun to the clutch holder to eliminate adhesion from anaerobic glue but the heat destroyed the spring in the process... (yes, the spring is that sensitive!!!)

However, so far I have come across 3 different clutch holders which share the same appearance but have different part numbers:


Am I right in assuming that the third item belongs to the 3 speed transmission?

Or are they really interchangeable? To be honest I really doubt this to be case...

Anyhow, any information on the topic would be appreciated!!!

Many thanks in advance.


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