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Glad to see a Truggy forum here. As much as I love the Savage, Truggies are the true bullies of the 1/8 nitro class.

I'm probably biased as that is what I first started racing way back. I couldn't handle the buggies i was building, so a truck kept me in check until I learned to drive better.

There is nothing more thrilling in this hobby than seeing a truggy come off a jump, rumble through everything in it's way to hit a tight corner where it digs its heals and takes off like a rocket down the straights. So yeah....while I am a 1/8 buggy guy, I appreciate the truck c;lass.

For those of you who don't have one, just imagine a a golf-cart vs a go-cart. Due to the LCG they will put the fear in you when handling one at ridiculous speeds. Plus, they are extremely more durable (as buggies are more durable than truggies). So it gives you that "beefy" type feel with a truck, and boy can they get cracking.

Thus far my favorites have been:

Mugen MBX6-T
X-Ray XT-8
Losi 8ight-T
Serpent Cobra-T
Tamiya 801-XT
OFNA Jammin X1 CRT

I want to try that Tekno NT48 next.

It's pretty cool as I have had most of the buggy versions too and they share many of the parts. I know a lot of people who drive that Ten-T (which is a fantastic vehicle), but just doesn't have that intimidation factor like the ones above (IMHO, of course). The buggy version on the other hand will hang with any nitro buggy ever built, IMO.

Also, I've never owned that Trophy T but have been around it and it can be a of fun too!


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