Tacon valor mt


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I was wanting a small scale truck I could just play around with so after reading different reviews on some minis I ran across tacon. It is comparable to the mini revo, mini 8, and the savage xs. They also come as another brand called lc racing, from what I read they are identical. Tacon and lc racing also make rally cars, buggies, stadium trucks, desert buggys, and the monster trucks. All of these models share nearly all the same components and come in two different chassis lengths.

You will notice that the buggies and the desert buggies share a very similar appearance to the losi mini 8 and the losi mini desert buggy but after doing some research to find out if they really were just clones I found that although they look similar they share none of the same parts.

Aluminum threaded shocks, aluminum shock towers, aluminum skid plate, metal diffs, and a nice little brushless system. It seems like this little truck is built pretty well.

I upgraded it to a 2s LiPo and modified the battery tray in order to fit a slightly bigger LiPo. I haven't done any jumps yet but after running on grass, gravel, and pavement and dozens of cartwheels and end over end rolls the valor seems to holding up great so far. Knock on wood, nothing broke....yet.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts on my new mt. It seems like it should be a tough little basher. Despite it being a mini it handles offroad pretty good. I ran it on fresh cut grass and it handled fine but I feel like it would struggle some in higher crass. There seems to be a decent amount of replacement parts available along with some aluminum upgrades.

I picked it up from nitrorcx.com for $147 plus shipping. 20190504_132259.jpg20190505_140159.jpg20190505_140332.jpg20190505_140214.jpg20190511_120720.jpg20190504_132719.jpg