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hello! I need some assistance... here is my situation

average environmental temp 110* when I drive my Savage XS Flux. I have been running a NiMH 6 cell battery because I cant get access to Lipos where I am at. Truck will drive fine for 1o-15 minutes then it will just stop then sometimes start going again or will take up to 2 minutes to start going again, most of the time revers does not work or is super touchy.

Is it just too hot and I have to deal with it?

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have you disabled the LiPo cutoff, you will not need it if running NiMH batteries, sounds as if it is kicking in and stopping your rig from operating......
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Do note that it could be the ESC's thermal cutoff kicking in, too. This winter, I experienced behavior similar to that reported with my new XS F150, running a 2S 5000 mAh 50C LiPo, and discovered my ESC fan had died. I ordered a similarly sized replacement fan, soldered a compatible connector, then was up and running as normal. I've also seen some videos where folks replaced the small stock ESC fan with a larger diameter model pushing more air.

Another time I saw behavior like this was running an inadequate battery. I dropped in a 2000 mAh 20C LiPo I'd charged up for a 1:18 scale buggy, and the XS' current draw was too much for the battery and after a few mins it cut out and was quite toasty. If my math & battery understanding are correct, 50C x 5Ah = 250A peak draw capability, whereas 20C x 2Ah = 40A peak draw capability. I think HPI's advice in the manual to run a 25C LiPo battery overlooks the practical dependency of a C rating on the mAh rating.

Finally, I am wondering if you may try tweaking the engine gearing or even the ESC settings like punch or motor timing advance to soften up the load given your hot environmental conditions. I got tired of some friends crashing the XS time and again because of their inability to modulate the trigger, so I went through the various ESC settings to soften up acceleration (punch) and seem to get some additional run time as a bonus. Crash avoidance is quite important since it seems impossible to find replacement bodies!

Good luck, and let us know what you find works for you.


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I'm pretty sure this is going to be the LiPo cutoff issue. When you put a load on a NiMH the voltage drops way more than it does on a LiPo, so it's more likely to trip the cutoff.

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