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Slipper Clutch problem ?


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Hey Guys, i'm an old r/c guy, didn't have lots of time though, so I'm not very good at technical problems. So, i believe i played with my savage xs flux around 15-24 hours total. In the video you'll see the vehicle hesitates a bit. This problem occurs when i was barely touching the throttle.(See it in youtube link) I'm not even sure that this is a problem, but in the past i changed cup joints and 16T bevel gear. They were really worn out so, i upgrade them. (See attached pictures). Do you think this problem occurs due to the slippery clutch or am i missing something? Thanks in advance




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Ironwood, Michigan
That's just the motor cogging a little bit. Most sensorless systems do that if you feather the throttle and the motor isn't spinning yet.
Yep. Its just common for them to do that. If it gets worse it might be an electronics issue, but I doubt it will. Definitely has nothing to do with your driveline! :)