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Savage XL - Telemetry


Hello Everyone,
I've a question about telemetry on a SavageXL.
How you guys have solved the matter of telemetry on yours?
I've a Spektrum DX2SE and I've really not a clue on how for example have the RPM on a telemetry system.

Also the only possibility to use telemetry with a DX2SE is to buy the kit from Spektrum?


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Dekalb, IL 60115
I think you just have to have a receiver that has telemetry built into it, such as the SR3300T. Then you need the sensors. I can't remember if the RPM sensor is a proximity based or infrared, but it requires you to stick something onto the back of the flywheel, then the sensor mounts solid to the engine mount with only a few mm between the sensor and flywheel. There's a similar one that you have to mount on your center axle, then do math on how many rotations the center axle has for 1 foot of forward motion, or something like that. Been a while since I messed with it. I had the old DX3S, but had horrible range with it. The telemetry was only active for about 50 yards. The range overall was only about 100 yards. I even tried adding a 5th battery in the handle to increase the voltage when using rechargeable, but it didn't help. Just made the remote more flexible as I had to remove some of the housing to fit the stupid 5th cell in.

I really don't know why I stuck with spektrum all these years as the range has always sucked. I've had the DX3, DX3.0, DX3S and have been using the DX3C for the past few years. I did eventually find that a true coaxial antenna helps with driving range, so now I will only buy a spektrum receiver that has a coaxial antenna. All their older stuff had a single wire antenna and they all stink for driving range.With coaxial, I now can get 250+ yards of driving range without problems. I'm just using the cheaper DX3C now. Suppose I could break out the DX3S as I think it's DSM/DSM2 compatible which I'm now using DSM2 receivers I think. Would still need to try and find a DSM2 receiver with telemetry AND a coaxial antenna to see if that helped with the range on that radio. I know the DX3C had the same range issues until I tried a receiver with a coaxial antenna.

I have 4 or 5 of the old receivers with single wire antenna's on them, including the one with telemetry for the DX3S. I even tried soldering in a coaxial antenna as it appeared there was a grounding pad on the circuit board. That also didn't help.