Savage XL FLM. 32LRP. ??


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Hey guys!

So I got my kit from Fast Lane machine but as expected there was very little Direction on which way to go for this build.

I pretty much have everything figured out except for the servo replacement which they pretty much leave up to you.

I was wondering if some people had pictures they can show me of some ideas they had done for Servo mounting and maybe some gas tank ideas?

I did a search to look for the same thing, but the post were so old that the pictures were no longer there.. ?‍♂️

Help please!

?️? ?

Pics attached of what I got so far. Yes I know the skid plate is upside down but I like it lol ?

Break in on the lrp today and then I'll toy around with different servo ideas.. I really wanna hear this thing run tho lol ?


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Are you sure you want to do center tank mod? Then you have to loose radiobox and also come up with something to mount a throttle servo. It looks like this truck wont be doing any hard bashing so I would consider just replacing fuel tank for something that doesnt have lean tank issues. Overall look will be better imo.

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