Savage X new engine


So I bought a, I think it's a Savage X, off of a guy on the OfferUp app about a month ago that didn't run but it looks like it's in great condition except for it was missing the throttle bellcrank linkage assembly which I already bought and replaced and the motor it came with was a25 3.5 which I could never get started after rebuilding and everything I still can't get it started so I spend some money and bought the F 4.6 motor for it and it should be here tomorrow and I'm wondering when I replace a motor is there anything special I need to do because I'm just getting started with Nitros I've been in an electric guy forever but I wanted to Savage really bad so I went out and got one for a hundred bucks. I just want to make sure I break it in right and I don't mess up that engine cuz there's a really expensive engine well for me it was 250 bucks. Any input would be fantastic because I got nobody to help me


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Just look up break in procedures on forum. I always preheated with a blow dryer to ease initial startups. Just run fat and should be ok. I always seal the engine also to prevent poor tuning and lean conditions.

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Does anybody know how the hell I'm supposed to get my starter in there?

Vewy Vewy Carefuwwy..... :)

To be honest you may need to do a bit of trimming on that rounded part of the bulkhead......A dremel with a drum sander on it or a hand file of the half round variety or even fully rounded.....

on my Tiger drive started trucks I am using a drill and a ball ended hex driver, makes fitting the starter drive a bit easier....